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Friday, January 10, 2014

When Is It No Longer Fashionable To Be In Fashion?

I recently came across an article on Terry Richardson, the famous portrait photographer who has snapped the likes of President Obama, Ben Stiller, Lady Gaga and blah blah the list is endless. Basically think of anyone that Lorde might consider 'Royals' and then apply the list to Terry Richardson. The article was attacking Richardson because he keeps a blog where he gets young wannabe models and less famous models to perform sexual acts on Richardson or else receive sexual acts from him. The photos are very graphic and the argument is whether they are or can be classed as art or just plain pornography and it discredits Richardson's character after it is revealed that many of the women are victims of Richardson after they were plied with alcohol and drugs. You can read one of the articles here: 

I downloaded many of the images which makes me part of the problem I would say. But after having viewed them, I must say, there is nothing enjoyable about them in the least. Even the cheesy thumbs up photos at the end of each shoot seem contrived and suggest some form of mockery of those who have been photographed. I am quite shocked that these women allowed themselves to be manipulated like this, but equally I am surprised that someone like President Obama would want to be photographed by someone with this kind of character. When you are supposed to hold a great deal of deference towards the office of The President Of The United States, it puts a certain kind of slippery feel to that position when it is compromised by a man who stands diametrically opposed to Obama's world view. I would almost venture to say it adds a little too much Berlusconi Bunga Bunga to the White House.

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