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Monday, October 8, 2018

Have Something To Talk About In The Lead Up To Christmas - Le Noeud Papillon - The Self-Tying Bow Tie Specialists From Sydney, Australia

I received a lovely email the other week. I will post it below. It served to remind me that there are few if any other makers in the world of bow ties that take the time to do what we do whether it be the number of patterns we hold on file or the kinds of silks and their designs that we take a risk on developing.

I am excited about the next batch of limited edition silks we are looming as I write but as has always been the case, there are no guarantees that they will come to life as planned. Nevertheless, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Or as one Australian television presenter once said when advertising the Northern Territory of Australia, 'if you never never go, you'll never never know'.

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Subject: bravissimo
Carissimo Le Noeud Papillon,

First of all, I am proud to tell you I am wearing bow ties from 1984, when,
thanks to my job, working with a "normal tie it was quite difficult". 

From that date, travelling quite a lot in Paris, there, I found my favourite
bow ties, let see, in the 3rd arrondissement. At that time I said this bow
ties is a good quality and I enjoy for many years.

One day, about 2010, I knew you and your articles, specially the top quality
of your bow ties.

It is not my attitude give for free gold medal to a brand, normally are more
than enough the commercial exchanges. 

I have watched your brand growing up from Italy and it was surprising for me
to see you progress given you were in Australia. 

Honestly, I am proud to say I wear your bow ties regularly and they are
better than the ones we find in France or even in my country even though you
use our silks!

As I told you in past: Or you was born top of a volcano, or you are the
Leonardo da Vinci of bow ties.

Keep follow your hart.

Carlo P.
Milano, Italy