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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Truth About Hong Kong Tailors - A Review Of The Service Of Raja Fashions

Oppenheimer is like my 'Newman', he is always getting me into one pickle or another. Years ago he found a mobile phone dealer in Chinatown that would sell us a Motorola Star Tac for $499.00AUD. At the time it was a bargain. He negotiated with this man Nelson for days until he had him on what he thought was the best price, so long as I would join him in this special deal if he bought two phones at the time. I went to the kiosk to pick up my phone and for days we texted one another back and forth complaining that this particular Motorola was the most difficult phone to operate and despite having the coolness of a flip flop, it was in fact a dud. A few weeks later I bumped into Oppenheimer on campus and he was holding a silver Nokia banana slide phone - evidently he had 'moved on up' and I was left to endure the Motorola on my lonesome. I have never forgotten this which was why I had a certain level of trepidation in following him to Raja Fashions for a fitting....

Oppenheimer also once offered me a pearl of widsom. He said 'praise individually, discourage categorically'. I try not to discourage and concentrate on praise on this blog. If any of this is discouraging, please understand that it is only my observations on this particular order. So without further ado, I will give you my opinion of Raja Fashions from Hong Kong.

I was very impressed with the service and the final product from Raja Fashions. A caramel / camel suit arrived in wool and the other item was this window pane sports jacket below which was a silk and wool mix. Since I am involved in the world of tailoring and have a good relationship with both tailors and alterations people, I took the chance and refused for Raja Fashions to do the second fitting and asked only that they finish the suit for their 3/4 fitting and send it to Sydney and that I would take responsibility for the final alterations (that is a disclaimer in itself).

When the suit arrived it was flat packed as below. I opened it up and laid it out to have a look at the workmanship and to evaluate what I would need to do to finish it. I then tried the jacket on in the mirror and this was the first moment I realised that perhaps I had jumped the gun in refusing the second fitting. The suit was very big on me, in fact, it was slightly swimming. So, the first thing I did that afternoon is go to the tailor to get my alterations done. It was then that I realised there truly is a benefit both in time and in quality in having your tailor in the city where you live. We went through the suit with a fine comb and we made the following notes.

1. Despite asking for a soft shoulder the shoulder was more British than Italian and there was not a lot she was going to be able to do about this. I felt as though I was in a time warp but I didn't mind since the inspiration for the suit came from Prince Charles. The same problem would have occured for Raja Fashions should I have noted this with them, but they might have had a chance to do something about it.

2. The area between the chest and waist was straight down, there was no tapering to the suit despite many photos being taken. Again, I take most of the responsibility for this since I did not accept the invitation for a second fitting.

3. The rise in the trousers on the suit was too big. One thing I don't like is a sagging rise. This won't be able to be overcome but luckily the problem was not so great and I can live with it.

4. I went for vents in the rear. Unfortunately these vents jutted out a little too much so we will be bringing them in.

5. The padding in the front lapel seemed overly generous. I would probably recommend next time that they pull back a little on the front of the jacket. It did not feel lightweight - the suit felt rather heavy.

6. The arms were too big so we will need to take them in which poses a slight problem for the armhole trying to make sure we marry it all up.

7. There was a small mark on the lapel of the caramel suit.

8. The suit was 18 days behind scheduled delivery.

Would I recommend Raja Fashions to you? The answer is YES. The price of the caramel suit and window pane blue jacket was roughly  $1200.00AUD. Two items at this price, given what I received, to me, represents good value. What I would recommend is that you have a good alterations business, such as Alterations By Master in O'Connell Street or Bellevue Tailors in Bellevue Hill +612 9389 9490 to do your work for you after Raja Fashions is done. There will always be slight tweaks that will need to be done and you should factor these alterations costs in when you negotiate the price. Where I was disappointed was that some of the alterations I would have liked to have had done are not available to me now. The changing of the shoulder padded area, the armhole size, these are items that should have been done at the first fitting, and this is perhaps my fault because of my impatience. Unfortunately, once these things have been completed, it is price prohibitive getting your local Australian alterations company to do the work. You may as well buy a whole new suit. As for what my alterations cost me? In the end, Bellevue Tailors will work on the two jackets for roughly $500.00. It takes the edge off the transaction, yes, but then I am very finicky and for me, I most likely would have spent at least $300 dollars on alterations regardless.

If you would like to meet Mr Raja and his friends, you can contact them below:

Customer Care, Raja Fashions
Tel: (+852) 21087023 | Fax:(+852) 21087010
Unit M, 13/F, Kaiser Estate Phase 3
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong | Skype: raja.customer.service 

Post Script: This just arrived from Oppenheimer. He probably has some deal going with Raja Fashions...

You are nuts not taking the second fitting
 My suit arrived on Friday – it is perfect!  They fixed everything, took out the excess padding, brought it in here, fixed it there etc, didn’t cost me a dime
 The sports jacket is a little broad across the shoulders so I am going to get them to alter it when they are next in town

How It Arrived, The Window Pane Jacket And Caramel Suit Flat Packed

Opening Up The Window Pane Jacket, Crushed And Ready For A Press And Alterations


  1. I also recommend Raj Fashions, this tailors in Hong Kong offers really good quality service. I've order one pair of bespoke suit and shirt to them one time and it went out just what I've expected. The design and how it's been tailored is a satisfaction.

  2. Raja is rubbish, worst tailor in Hong Kong, same with Sam's Tailor. They are not tailors, they are only salesman and outsource all their suit making to local or China tailors. They wouldn't know a pair of scissors from shears.

  3. I recommend Raja Fashions, they did a really good job on my suit. Well in terms of satisfaction everybody have a differnet opinion but i am very satisfied with the workmanship.I bought a Zegna Suit when they were in Sydney. The crafted my name on the lining and hand stitching on lapel and the inside lining was great.Overall the quality is good and i recommend the service of Raja Fashions.

  4. I had a very bad experience with Sam's Tailor, who is similar to Raja Fashions. These HK Tailors are crap for suits, do not think you are going to have a perfectly fitted suit there... They are good enough for shirts i would say.

  5. I used Raja Fashions in London and I can't emphasise enough how poor they were. The material was good, but the cut and sizing was awful. I believe part of this was down to the 'tailor' who measured me up - he talked a good talk, but clearly didn't know what he was doing.

    I had to send the trousers back for several alterations (they arrived 4" too big) and in the end I gave up.

  6. I've also had mixed results with Raja. Their service, choice of fabric and said fabric's quality are good but their tailoring is off the mark. I have a regular tailor I use when I visit Hong Kong but I needed a couple of new suits and the convenience of Raja visiting Melbourne was too tempting. A 2-pant suit from my regular tailor is anywhere between AU$800-1000 and a similar quality 2-pant suit from Raja cost me AU$1400, arrived 2 weeks late and was waaaaay off size-wise when it arrived, forcing me to pay another $300 to have it adjusted locally. I wasn't offered a second fitting at the time, so this may be a new addition to their service given their inability to measure accurately.

  7. I found the customer service to be quite poor at Raja. They treated my husband well, but were quite rude to me. I believe that the quality of the product as well as the customer service is not worth the money you spend there. I stopped by on my most recent visit to HK to purchase a shirt for my husband and they treated me like a second class citizen and tried to charge me a ridiculous price for a shirt. We instead went to a smaller shop where the gentleman doing all the fittings was the one who was actually sewing the suit. He was kind, eager to please, and the finished product was fantastic. There are plenty of other options in Hong Kong and I recommend shopping around.

  8. As a Hong Kong citizen, I have to confess that there are numerous bad tailors in Hong Kong. However, there are also some very good tailors who sew their suits wiht heart and treat their customers as friends. I would like to recommend William Cheng & Son.

  9. A poor result with Raja for me also. Multiple fittings, instructions ignored and poor quality workmanship. Would never buy from again.

  10. Had a suit made in Bristol when they were here, It was worse than my Mark & Spencer suit and alot more expensive. I wouldn't recommend my worse enemy to Mr. Fashions^. Sam's on the other had isn't a real tailor either, my friend had a horrible experience with them in Hong Kong.

  11. Had the most ridiculous suit shopping experience with Raja Fashions in London. I had read a couple of sponsored newspaper articles and thought I’d give it a try as it sounded very convenient. Ordered last year June and still don’t have a suit in April of this year! Initial sizing completely off as well as subsequent adjustments way off. Long turn-around times. Got a feeling that the guys showing up as tailors in London hotels don’t know much about suits at all. Really poor service and no willingness to take responsibility for their product at the headquarter in HK either. Very poor quality workmanship and detail in the suit in general. Buy off the rack suit, pay extra to get it altered and you will be much more satisfied.

  12. I had a TERRIBLE, exhausting and lengthy experience with this company. Their service was horrible and they simply didn't seem to care after they swiped my credit card. 3 suits and 6 shirts, none of which fit right after two fittings. The jacket smelled like cigarette smoke as if their tailors were smoking while making it, and the workmanship was cheap and low in quality.

  13. I wish I read this before going to Hong Kong over the easter break. After calling and emailing multiple times to find out where my trousers were - was promised faithfully that they would be couriered to me on Mon 28 Apr but weren't sent until Fri 2 May, after I threatened to cancel the visa charge.

    An extortionate amount of money, three fittings (four if you count the initial meeting) and I was delivered trousers that can't be worn outside the house, let alone in a professional environment! The seam in the crotch - so from the zipper down where it meets the seams from the inside leg - sits right at the front of my crotch instead of between the legs. As a result, this area is tight and distinctly outlines my crotch area. Camel toe anyone? My lycra gym pants show off less of my lady garden than these trousers do! So disappointing given I not only had measurements taken but also left a pair of trousers that fitted perfectly to use as a template - the only thing I wanted changed was a slimmer pant leg at the bottom of the pant!

    I have emailed photos to Raja Fashion but I'm not holding out a lot of hope that they'll do anything given no one else seems to have had much luck with them. I guess that call will be made to Visa after all!

  14. There is only one tailor in Hong Kong, that's Roger Cheung from Roger Concept. Fabulous. I know from experience.

  15. I wish I had done what my gut reaction told me when I first arrived for a fitting with This company in Sydney. The gentleman being measured before me was obviously a regulat customer, wearing a suit Raja had previously made for him. Either he had lost an enormous amount of weight, or my guess was he didn't know a tailored suit from a bag of potatoes. More probably the latter.
    Anyway, five pair of trousers, were ordered and don't be surprised, not one pair fitted. Two alterations by Raja and now one from my own tailor, they fit. But, not like tailor made trousers should. I should have walked and followed my instinct.
    Lesson: BUYER BEWARE!

  16. It's crazy how many people have problems with these tailors. I can tell you that I loved Sam’s and I bought 2 suits when I was in HK in 2008 and 3 more in 2012 from Sam’s. That being said, I had the same bad experience when I was in Hong Kong with tailors ripping me off. Good news, not all are bad. I wrote about my experience here:

  17. I bought two suits, measured in London in July and delivered in September. I attended a 'fitting' in Hong Kong as I was there for holiday in August (i told the man who measured me). At the shop, I realised why he insisted that I telephoned first before this fitting: What I was given to try had just been put together in the morning. It would not mattered if what was dleivered was good.

    The torusers were( and are) too short). They feel uncomfortable on my waist. The jackets are deplorable as they very badly finished, especially on the shoulders. I had one 'altered' and although the stuffing is less noticeable than before, it is unwaerable.

    The photos that the man took in London were nver sent to anybody. I should have know as not many measurements were taken as in other places in London (granted more expensive).

    So a complete waste of £1,800 for two suits. I onlu use them when I have no meetings at work, and only with very flat shoes!


  18. If your a Hong Kong local YOU KNOW to avoid Raja Fashions... bottom of the list in the buyer beware category, same goes with Sams tailor..

  19. W. W. Chan. Half the price of Italian or English bespoke but 90% of the quality.

  20. Jack Aswani does great work in Hong Kong. I've had 4 suits made there till now.

  21. The price you pay and the rubbish that is sent out out to you in return is truly a waste of effort, time and money. The feeling of doom sets in as soon as you see the shabby 'salesmen' struggling to take proper size measurements and the fcat that none of the sample fabrics has any indication of price. The tailoring was so far off the mark in terms of size that my dads trousers were remade but these scam merchants have debited our crad TWICE and we are fighting to get our money refunded. AVOID at all costs!

  22. Hong Kong Tailors are bunch of Craps. All products are over priced and the fitting quality is very poor. Highly NOT Recommended!!!

  23. I bought two silk/cashmere suits from Raja whilst in London. It was for my wedding. They arrived 4 weeks later and fitted perfectly. When I took the suits two the dry cleaners the owner remarked that he had never seen such quality fabric. 15 years later and the pants have not gone through the gusset as an off the peg would, the jackets are perfect. and the wear is minimal. I have put on 11 pounds since the fitting and both suits still look good. I am sure I will be back! Price in 2000? £1200 for the pair, with a spare pair of pants for each.

  24. I just received my bespoke suits from the raja fashion travelling tailors and must say that I was quite impressed.
    The fabric range and variety was good and I was able to let them know what i was looking to spend and they advised me accordingly.

    They've been in the business for some time, so they clearly know how to measure and get the right fit (my requirement was a slim fit suit).

    Unfortunate to hear about some stories, but I would recommend them and will be making some shirts with them next.

  25. I can not recommend this shop. I was sold two blazers one of which became worn after only 18 months of routine wear. This is particularly disappointing because I was upsold better fabric on the promise it was more durable. Yet, a hole has appeared in the sleeve along with other faults. Yet the other blazer of slightly lesser quality which has been worn the same amount still looks quite nice. The company has been difficult to pin down and ultimately offered a less than satisfactory resolution. I do not believe that Raja Fashion stands behind its products.

  26. I was measured for one of their suits when they were over in England on the advice of friends, and I was truly amazed by both the quality of the suit itself and the service provided.

    I had wanted a bespoke suit for my wedding, and had left it rather late. Yet not only did Raja get the suit to me within time, but they provided a back-up that was second to none. In the event, it looked perfect and no adjustments were needed, but had they been so they would have been sorted immediately.

    What was so impressive were all the small details, all the sewing and all the craftsmanship. This really is the quality of Saville Row tailoring at less than a third of the cost.

    Nick Malone

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  28. The amount of unbelievably fake reviews here put me off this company more than the bad reviews.