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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Best Gift You Could Give A Man Who Loves His Clothes

The problem with buying men's gifts online is sizing. Once you can visually see something up close and personal, such as the zoom functions do on so many websites now, the final problems are usually 1.  'I can't touch and feel it' and 2.  'I hope the size fits'.

We can't solve the problem with regards to touch and feel on our website but we can tell you that the size will invariably fit 90% of men's necks. And with respect to the former problem, don't worry, we touched and felt it for you the moment it came in from the looms in Italy. In fact, it's better that our customers can't touch and feel your bow before you get it; trust me, you don't want to know twenty people have had it in their hands before you.

At Le Noeud Papillon we pride ourselves on making sure that what arrives is a great gift. One you can pass onto your colleagues and friends. On the rear side of our instruction card is a TO and FROM section so you can write a personal message. It comes tied nicely in a dedicated bow, tie and pocket square box and it makes an amazing little travel box when you have to head out of town and don't know what to put your accoutrements in.

All in all, we think our bow ties, squares, ties and accessories are just about the best gift you could give a man. Made from the finest silks from the Como region of Italy, then sewn by machine and hand right here in Sydney, Australia. That's got to be a conversation point to start with. 

You could of course give him a bottle of wine. That's a great gift - but then he'll drink it and throw out the bottle. You could give him a massage - and maybe he'll come home relaxed. But with a bow tie like ours, you're sure to find him coming back to it time and time again.

Looking for the right gift for a man in 2014? Look no further than 

Our limited edition 'Antoni' bow tie. The silk design is based on a tile I found inside Gaudi
s bedroom in Barcelona. The pocket square, bottom right, is our Limited Edition Red Belle. 

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