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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Courtesy of A Suitable Wardrobe - An Authority On Menswear

Fred Astaire

Edward Green Shoes

I was speaking to the sales assistant in Harrolds and he kept talking about Edward Green shoes as though there was something vastly superior about them. Then I stumbled upon these photos on a NYC blog. The latter pair was a made to order pair created for a wedding. The date on the bottom is the wedding date. Very impressive.

The Style Buff - The Re Birth Of Tartan

I found this on Style Buff - It is a Ralph Lauren shot. I have noticed how tartan has been creeping back in slowly. I did a blackwatch tartan silk bow in late 2009, which sold well, although I wasn't 100% sold on the weight of the silk. Then TF used it on his smoking jackets, but that wasn't an every day achievable look. Personally I cannot wear tartan, but if I could, I'd like a day casual jacket like the image above. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paul Bertelle Versus Dan Trepanier On The Dieu Bow

I am loading up this portrait of Paul Bertelle again to show the difference that you get on a bow depending on how you tie it. Below, Style Bloger Dan Trepanier tied the bow so that the white became a recessed colour, whereas here, Paul is bringing out all the tricolours and it gives a different, somewhat more preppy look. I love this shot because the Harbour Bridge, which is normally a feature, as it was when Oprah was here Down Under, is instead a faint idea in the background.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Style Blogger Dan Trepanier - Esquire Magazine's Best Dressed Man - In Le Noeud Papillon 'Dieu' Bow

Hoody by Club Monaco (size M). Oxford shirt by Thom Browne (size 2). Gloves by Uniqlo. Cotton pants by Helmut Lang (size 34). Bowtie by Le Noeud Papillon. Suede wingtips by Bass. Striped socks by Kenneth Cole.

Ian McCallam Shares Wedding Photos - Le Noeud Papillon 'Eugenie' Bow

Hey LNP,

..... I got my suit and shirt made through Josh at The Cloakroom - and in the end picked up one of your superb bows from him. Had a lot of comments on it at the wedding.  It was the perfect finishing touch to the outfit - and it was nice to be wearing a 'real' bow - and not a wrap and clip :) . Thought I'd attach a couple of shots for you from the day. Look fwd to picking up some more of your attire soon. Keep up the great work.
Ian McCallam

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mujer And Me

This photo was taken as a portrait the day I did an interview for an article about 'What Men Want In A Woman' in the Sydney Morning Herald, in which the journalist conveniently painted me with a certain brush and subsequently it lead to every woman with a bone to pick with men's attitudes, now having a focal point for their frustration. They began to throw their blogging darts at my head, pushing them up to number one in google when you searched my name. It was, to say the least, humiliating, and to this day my friends still send me the links to the blog when they feel like taking the piss. Anyway, this photo shows my mujer with me. She doesn't look that unhappy no?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Parisian Nights - A New Silk By Le Noeud Papillon - Available January 2011

Parisian Nights was inspired by the many many cycling tours I have done with the 3 bicycles I have owned in Paris and the wonderful late nights of riding under the Eiffel Tower and then up to the Trocadero. And with my last late night run in May, the Eiffel Tower sparkled blue on the hour. So we painted the town red while taking photos next to the blue sparkles of midnight. 

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Shipton - Paris Store For Le Noeud Papillon, 11 Boulevarde Raspail, 75007

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010


We have begun doing full bespoke shirts in Sydney, Australia. This is NOT MADE TO MEASURE shirting. This is a collaborative effort between myself and a fantastic shirt maker. We are looking for customers who will do 5 or more shirts per sitting. We specifically use Gyza Egyptian cotton cloth from Canclini's Lusso range, starting from their 140 2 ply and working up to their 300 2 ply. The shirting fabric is silken to touch at this level. Prices start from $235.00AUD for each shirt. We work with you, to create the shirts you want - whatever their purpose. We do business day shirts, business evening shirts, weekend shirts, sports shirts and dinner shirts.

If you would like to be a part of this unique opportunity and you live in the Sydney metropolitan area, please feel free to contact us on 

Sydney Theatre Company Gala Dinner 2010

Using a piece of silk I had left from the production of the bow named 'Georgie Porgie', I created this jacket with a slim shawl lapel using Matthew Lawrence in Paddington.