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Friday, January 3, 2014

A List Of Bow Ties And Squares That I Am Surprised Are Still Available On Site

Like anything, the first time you experience something it is often euphoric, captivating and it leaves a long lasting impression. The first Dutch Auction was like that for us. We were overwhelmed by the volume of orders that were coming in from all four corners of the globe. Internet shoppers love a bargain and if you were on the other side of the world, in somewhere such as the Ukraine, then it's only when we give you this extraordinary offer that we activate otherwise voyeuristic internet browsers.

Of course, the second time we often experience something it lacks the same lustre. I can recall, for example, the first time I purchased my first pair of Berluti shoes or the first time I walked into Turnbull & Asser in New York - it was akin to the first time I walked into FAO Schwarz, as though a world of latent desires were suddenly being brought to the forefront of your mind as you touched, smelt, felt and eye-balled your way around the store. The next time you go in, it's just never the same is it?

Alas, I have gone on too long for what is a rather short point. This time the Dutch Auction does not hold the same lustre for our customers as it did the first time. Perhaps it is the cold weather in Europe and the USA or the sultry stiflingly humid weather we are having in Oz right now, or perhaps people are just too inundated with brands offering them too much for too little after Christmas, but whatever the reason, there remain on the website some stellar bow ties and squares which I am just shocked that have not found new homes. As we approach the FINAL DAY of 75% OFF, allow me to guide you to a few treasures.


Maxim: A unique half grosgrain, half mogador satin silk bow tie. Why it has not moved is perplexing me, but them's the apples.

Hector: An English dyed half navy silk twill, half orange silk twill bow tie. Unique, versatile, so different.

Mr Crompton: Half velvet, half grosgrain silk - again, I can't understand it.

Emilio: A serge Holland And Sherry wool bow tie. So cool. Really deserves someone who knows how to wear this one. Goes with either a cream dinner jacket or say a maroon velvet jacket to give a Marc Guyot look.

Karl Magnus: Why, we had people enquiring about why this one was no longer available. So we cut more just before Christmas and surprisingly nobody has picked them up. Half white grosgrain, half black grosgrain.

Christopher: So fun for the summer. If you are experiencing summer.... Or perhaps for spring, if you are in the depths of winter.

Hunter B. : We get so many enquiries for this bow and yet I don't know where the prospective owners have ducked off to.

Ruby Black: You just have to be cool to know what this bow is.

Alexis: Supremely perfect for a window pane check suit in navy - Alexis is on a navy satin ground with a red silk weft in hexagonal tiles.


Belle #2 - Because it has soft tones and a playful air and it took months to perfect the artwork.

Red Belle: Because it is bright and enthralling and printed in a traditional manner in England.

Red Square: Because it goes well with navy and is printed in England using the dye and discharge method.

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