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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Finding The High Society Calypso By Louis Armstrong

One of the benefits of my recent acquisition of Spotify was the ability to synchronize my playlists through my bluetooth connection with my car. Actually let me expand upon this. The benefit of Spotify is much greater than I ever anticipated. Spotify has meant that I have access to all my playlists no matter what device I am on. I can be at a party and play my music through my phone on my friend's stereo, I can do the same with my laptop and my iPad. I can research and add music whenever I like on whatever device I like. I can Shazam it on the fly and then have it in my playlist moments later. No downloading, no synchronizing, no dragging and dropping. I cannot believe I was not aware of this earlier. And, even when a friend complained 'but it's in the cloud, what happens when you are out of radio range' and I had the answer 'you just press a button and it downloads to your device'.

Although Spotify doesn't have absolutely everything you would ever want on their library (eg: I can't find all my favourite Italian popular jazz songs by artists such as Claudio Villa - eg Stornelli Amirosi ), it allows you to indulge in layers of obscurity that you can't find on main stream download sites like iTunes or BigpondMusic. One of the great songs I found on my first day of searching was Louis Armstrong's 'High Society'. What a victory that was. After years of searching online to find it back when Shazam wasn't around and YouTube didn't have it all on video, I let the search for it go. But with Spotify, I was able to shine light where once there had been darkness.

I cannot recommend this app enough. And as a result, have a listen to Louis Armstrong and admire his style as he prepares himself for Newport's Jazz Festival by singing the High Society Calypso.

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