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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Carla & Raja's Wedding, Guillaume Brahimi's, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Australia

It was the first chance for me to wear the LNP White Dinner Jacket designed in collaboration with Carl Sciarra ( It was the first wedding of the summer for me and it turned out to be an amazing event. I am sporting an LNP Black Satin with white piping in batwing shape, pictured here with cook book writer and blogger Stephanie Conley of 'The Hostess'

Paddington Markets Saturdays

Friday, November 27, 2009


Churchill tied his own bows. His most pictured bow was the black with white polka dot. What's fantastic is his casual tying of the bow and ultimately the ecentricity it gives as the bow takes on a different shape in nearly every photograph one can find of Winston Churchill.


In the press: Wentworth Courier

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ed Loveday, Manager, Kit and Kaboodle Supper Club, Kings Cross, Sydney

Ed Loveday, manager of Sydney's 'Kit and Kaboodle Supper Club' in Kings Cross, has been a big supporter of Le Noeud Papillon since it's inception. Ed has a velvet Mayfair in Midnight Blue, a champagne Oscar and a Selvan amongst his collection of bow ties.

Ed's look he gives when refusing inebriated patrons entry.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Coming To America - The Bow Ties In The Movie

I was watching the now legendary film 'Coming To America' today and was astonished to see how many bows are featured in this film. White bows at the Prince Hakeem's formal function for the introduction to his bride, bows in the barbers shop, bows in McDowell's in Queens, bows when the boys work at the McDowells engagement party.


Tom Ford

Dolce and Gabana

Michael Dascarolis wears LNP Velvet Bow with LNP smoking jacket

This ensemble of jacket and trousers was designed by myself and made by Matthew Lawrence Bespoke in Paddington, Sydney. It was fashioned off another hybrid 'Smoking/Dinner' jacket which I had designed in January 2009 using Rochefort in the St James Trust building. Unfortunately, Rochefort were very unreliable, though the jacket was made very well by their 'old Italians' (who really are not that old I found out).

The jacket uses Holland and Sherry black velvet from their Black Tie bunch. We used a black satin duchess silk for the lapel which is a medium width shawl. The wool for the pants is Holland and Sherry worsted 110 wool if my memory serves me correctly. In my humble opinion, the black Holland and Sherry velvet, which I use for my bow ties,  is the best velvet I have been able to find in my travels.

Nicholas Tobias - Sydney Architect, wears LNP 'Oscar' in champagne

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Le Noeud Papillon "Lollypop"

Lollipop by Le Noeud Papillon features a two tone bow tie using navy duchess satin with a limited edition pink silk for the second band which forms the centre knot. Available from

Monday, November 16, 2009

Graz in Los Angeles

DJ and sunglass designer Graz is wearing a diamond point Le Noeud Papillon reverse 2 tone black/white satin silk bow limited edition en route to a wedding in Los Angeles.