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Thursday, June 18, 2009

And some new additions to the collection...

Well I just picked up some of the latest additions to the collection and tied them up so I could show them off. I am very happy with them. After some running around I finally found some terrific silks, which, like the Alchemist, was right under my nose from the very beginning....

Black Polka Dot Nicholas

Grey Polka Dot Nicholas

Stripey Bow Tie Tom Diamond Point.

Pink Tom with Chinese Etching

Teal with White Piping Gatsby Bow Tie

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's as though Nick Carraway and Gatsby are coming back too...

As featured in the New York Times...

And there's more.... The resurgence of the bow tie

Nathan Sullivan of Dialogue PR in Paris. I found this on someone else's blog and forwarded it to Nathan straight away. Pot luck. Nathan wrote to me last week that he was 'living in his Le Noeud Papillon Francis F.'

Some young dude re-inventing the dinner suit.

Albert Elbaz!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Great Bow Tie Wearers From Around The World

Pictures From The Archives

Oscar Peterson

Stefano Pilati, YSL

Tom Ford

The Rat Pack

J. Depp

Abraham Lincoln

Winston Churchill as a young man

Grouch Marx

Roger Moore -The Champagne James Bond

Sean Connery - The Martini James Bond

Francis Ford Coppola - Master Film Maker and pioneer of the floppy velvet bow.

Frank Sinatra

Bryan Ferry - One of the great style God's of his time. The man is a period piece. Period.

Winston Churchill with his Tommy Gun.

The Uber Hip Bow Tie Set

It's no longer official and soon it might be passe; the bows are well and truly back. Whilst I was dropping a sample off to Liam McKessar the other day I had asked him if he'd been the first to adopt it in Sydney. When he was working for me at Shh Bar on the door he always wore a bow tie and it absolutely set him apart from every other doorman in Sydney. That, and the fact that he was about 55kg and willing to stand in a back alley way in the heart of Kings Cross.

I got a Blackberry Messenger Message (BBM) from Dick Weinberg last night. He was in Los Angeles with Piers Richardson and he said in every window on Rodeo drive they had bow ties in the window.

Below is a piped bow tie which truly gives me the shits as I thought I was the first to do it. Only now I realise maybe I never 'created' anything. My poor little ego was crushed. How the hell had someone piped a bow tie with enough time for this cad to buy it and turn up at a Paris fashion show? When I was irate I recalled Mugatu yelling from the stage "I invented the Piano necktie, what did you ever do Derek?". Very funny.

The guy below looks very Richard Gere A La American Gigolo.
This look is becoming very common no?

Now the guy below is so fuckin cool he looks like he just slaughtered a bull in the ring and has just slept with your sister and has given her herpes.

Not sure about the guy below. I think he is the weakest link....