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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Limited Edition Silk Bow Ties Have Been Added To The Sale

I stayed up late last night to cut and sew the new silk that came in and it coincided with other work coming off the bench. Alas, it is cause to celebrate. Log on and continue shopping the new items added to the website.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's Getting Harder To Find Style Icons These Days

When I sat down two months ago with Rocco Fazzari to talk about illustrations for the blog the initial hope was to discuss illustrations of contemporary style icons. It seemed an easy enough topic to consider - find men of iconic status in the contemporary world of art, film, music, architecture or even politics, then let's celebrate them. But as we scratched our heads, the list was sparse. Pharell Williams, okay. Ryan Gosling, maybe. George Clooney, over-baked and over endorsed by popular brands. Jared Leto? Yes, but he was being too groomed by the avant-garde labels. The only one I could think of that was still alive was Bryan Ferry. The others had all passed, including my great rockstar inspiration below. 

Finding a style icon these days is easily enough done if you are looking for streetwear inspiration, but how often do you find one who knows how to wear pleated trousers or knows a different way to tie a tie knot. As I grow older, these things which were once reported on by the likes of William Boehlke and Hugo Jacomet when the web was first flourishing with fresh content, when we seemed to be on the cusp of a sartorial renaissance, seemed to have been set aside yet again.

I do hope the younger set that are coming through take an interest in menswear again, and not just from the prism of the peacock, but a genuine interest in all things in cloth and cut. Otherwise a business like ours may not survive on an ageing population of men who are ready to retire and do away with neck wear as they head toward the golf course. Eventually, so it seems, the t-shirt will one day soon become the shirt, and jeans the new pleated trousers. Let us hope that it doesn't come to that....

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Mid Winter Dutch Auction Begins With The Help Of Illustrator Rocco Fazzari

After being away for some time it is often hard getting back to the reality you left behind - an untidy office, bills unpaid, orders not filled and so on.

The exciting things upon your return are new sales enquiries, praise for your product (which I sadly sometimes rely upon to prop up my self-esteem) and of course, unfulfilled orders requiring dispatch. The other great enjoyment that you get is finding that things that weren't ready prior to your departure, have in fact been done in your absence and are waiting for you upon your return.

In that vein, two things which were here for me upon my return was an illustration by famed ex Sydney Morning Herald illustrator Rocco Fazzari and four new limited edition silks that I had been working on. 

The reason the silks were highly anticipated was because they were the first silks I had finished using my apple pencil and iPad pro, which was a change in tempo from the traditional use of Adobe illustrator which I usually work off. Over time you sometimes become too jaded by life to enjoy the thrill of seeing your work get translated into silk - so the thrill was in getting my zest back.

Of the four new limited editions, one is based on Gosper's triangle, another based on the Cuban car series as a collaboration with Australian contemporary artist Jasper Knight, there is a scissors teeth which was a doodle from my iPad and finally there is a yet to be released silk designed in collaboration with an ex Marc Jacobs footwear designer, Sloan Angell, who now runs his own line of t-shirts in Los Angeles. Those bow ties will show up on the website in a few days time.