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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

There Is Nobody Who Understands Evening Sleep Wear For Men Better Than Corky St Clair

During my university days there were one or two movies that somehow bonded a whole group of men and gave them endless lines to quote. I am going to boast here and say that I certainly was the first to discover Waiting For Guffman. I can recall I was in the Verona cinema in Paddington with my then girlfriend Bianka when the shorts to Austin Powers and Waiting For Guffman came on the screen and I knew then that neither of them would slip me by. I believe I attended the film alone as none of my friends would go with me. My dear friend and underground source Carlos Oppenheimer once recoiled when I told him it was the funniest film in the world months later. He said I had poor judgement in films at the time. Years later, quietly I might add, he said to me on the side 'You did discover Waiting For Guffman and Corky St Clair'.

It has served to make many of us, by us I mean that group of friends at university together, still have a close connection to one another long after the movie has subsided and we've all gone separate ways. There are at least four people I know that I can call on the phone and say 'People don't like fire... poked, poked in their noses' and it will cause an eruption of laughter followed by a much easier than usual conversation about life.

Corky St Clair is one of the great comical characters of the 20th Century in my opinion and he is seminal to the movie and to the genre of the mokumentary. It is, in my humble opinion, Christopher Guest's greatest character.

So when today I got an email titled 'Sweeping Hat' I knew almost immediately from an old friend that it must be indeed a Corky reference and without further ado, here is the link to the video that was linked.

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