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Friday, January 17, 2014

I Will Still Take If As A Compliment, Even If It's Only When You Are Bored - A Testimonial Of Sorts In Praise Of Le Noeud Papillon Bow Ties (Review)

One of our newer and rather interesting customers is a college student from the United States. He wrote in after the sale to pay us a compliment for the quality of the bow ties we produced and said that he reads our blog but only when he is bored. I still take that as a compliment. In a world where we have access to so much media to consume, from your apple tv to your cable television and the millions of blogs out there that we are competing against for your ipad time, it's an honour for you to give us the time of day.

I am now trying to coax the same customer to tell us more about his bow tie collection. Not only has he amassed his own but when his grandfather passed away he inherited his 300 plus collection. When I heard this I was very jealous because my own collection had dwindled. Before I started making Le Noeud Papillon bow ties I had collected quite a few. Even over the first years I kept collecting bow ties from other companies as I refined my own identity. But over time I had given away so many of them and I had hardly kept any of my own limited edition silks. It reminded me that I ought to start collecting some of my own work in case one day I pass away - I should at least leave something behind.

Below you will find the email with respect to our customer's view on bow ties. I re-post it here with permission from it's author, Seldan, who I hope to keep as a connoisseur customer over the coming years. I consider it, for the most part, a testimonial.

....I also got as Christmas presents two Tom Ford bowties from family members, but not only are they large with foam in them, they are also pre-tied! I think your firm, Ralph Lauren, Dunhill and Marwood in UK make the best bowties that I have seen. The others are pricey because they are made in Italy or France but terrible quality. I really don't like Gucci and Cinabre bowties, they are so thin and do not tie well. 

I'll be keeping an eye for your next big sale. I also told my professor, the one who introduced me to your products, about your sale but he missed it. Enjoy your summer.

By the way I love your blog, read it when I am bored.

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