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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Same Kind Of Breeziness You Get On A Sea Island

The first time you wear a Sea Island cotton piece of clothing, especially with respect to shirts, you will let out a big sigh. Those that have a Sea Island cotton shirt will attest to this. The cotton feels much more like silk. The reason is that the cotton fibres that have grown in the Dutch West Indies for more than 300 years are known to have the longest fibre length in the world. Up to 50% longer than Egyptian cotton. Some say it has to do with the 'terroir' mixed with the humid air coming off the sea and coupled with the isolation of this cotton species from other plants. The cotton production from this region represents 1% of the total production of cotton in the world. It is carefully monitored and, in the case of a Monte Sea Island cotton shirt, comes with a label which certifies that the cotton is from the West Indian Sea Island cotton authority.

Until recently I only knew of this cotton being used in shirts and underwear, but not socks! Bresciani, it turns out, makes Sea Island cotton socks. And a fresh batch has been delivered to A Suitable Wardrobe

Just in time for the Antipodean spring in the southern hemisphere, A Suitable Wardrobe has begun offering over the calf chiffon weight cotton socks in six colors. Knitted using advanced technology and then hand linked and hand finished, they stay up without the addition of nylon or cutting off circulation around the calves.

Sea Island cotton commands exceptional prices that are often double the price of good but not great commercial grades, just as the cashmere to which it is often compared commands a substantial premium over wool of comparable quality. But, like a restaurant with three stars in a red Michelin guide, Sea Island socks offer a far more luxurious experience and are worthy of you hard earned money.

Cotton grown in the Dutch West Indies
The Dutch West Indies, home to the finest cotton plantations in the world

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