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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brackish Bow Ties - A Feather No Longer Needs To Be In Your Cap

A friend I had not heard from in a long long time sent me an email this morning alerting me to these very quirky and unique bow ties from a brand called 'Brackish'. Have a look at their website when you have a free moment.

Below is an excerpt on how Brackish bow ties came to be:

Ben Ross grew up in South Carolina, where he developed a passion for the outdoors and nature. Hunting and fishing were taught to him at a young age and have stayed close to his heart ever since. As he got older and friends were getting married, Ben started to experiment with different versions of the classic bow tie. Never one to blend in with the crowd, he wanted a classy alternative to the black bow tie which is usually seen as just another component in the suit. Ben wanted to change that. He wanted something that stood out, something nobody had ever seen before. But above all else, he wanted it to be that one little thing that made other guests turn their heads. Turkey feathers proved to be the most tasteful and best looking option. Ben made a handful of "Brackish Bow Ties" that he gave to his groomsmen for his wedding day. They were a hit and the buzz about them was unmistakable. They represented Ben so well: he brought his passion for the outdoors inside to his loved ones, and they looked great!


  1. Hello from South Carolina. I am honored you featured my bow ties on your site, I started making them to honor family and friends and my love of nature. Even today they are still the fuel that drives me and this company.

    Love your site and hope to talk one day soon.

    Ben Ross

  2. Ben, you submit a portrait of yourself for the portrait competition. The rules are above, but we accept any entrant from any brand. Best wishes, N