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Sunday, September 23, 2012

In Which Direction Is Men's Fashion Now Travelling?

It would be a wise guess as to what is going to happen in the world of men's fashion over the coming months. The explosion of creativity in the realm of men's garment and accessory manufacturing has been the kind of flourish that you could refer to as a 'renaissance'. Like a desert that has not seen any water for many years, if not decades, when the rains came the landscape was flooded with colour and activity and what seemed lifeless is now a vibrant hive of activity. And just like a desert, when there was no water, you just stared at the horizon, now you don't know which way to look. At every turn you are confronted with images on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Tumblr. It's all there for us to enjoy but at the same time, it can somewhat stifle your own creativity. It is like the sun, you must not stare at it for too long. Below are some of the images that have caught my attention this week. These images came from Gentleman Forever, Parisian Gentleman and google image searches.

Maroon / Burgundy plus reds and contrast trimming and creams.... In.
Return of paisley is well and truly here

Purples and patinas. In.
The red check is in. The rest of it is out.

Hand rolled edges are definitely in for ties. 

Red is everywhere at the moment. If not on the fabric, then somewhere.

Letting fabric speak for itself, IN

Prada. See what I mean about red? See what I mean about you don't know which way fashion is about to go!

Red, I told you.

I threw him in because other blog writers keep coming back to him and so do I. 

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