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Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Monthly Newsletter For September - Why Not Join?

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The September Issue.... For Men!

It strikes me as odd that there is such an enormous amount of content generated for women's fashion and yet men are left with a handful of decent blogs and magazines. However, as one great author once wrote in a very acerbic piece on marital life, and I paraphrase here, 'the vast majority of all things that are consumed in life are made for women or for the benefit of women'. I would have to agree. If it weren't for women, we would probably not don a tuxedo; we wouldn't care if we knew how to tie a bow tie, we would use simple forms of communication such as grunting and very very rarely would we manscape other than with our own fingers. Let us be fair with one another, the vast majority of what we do on this planet is in the pursuit of sex and with the passing of winter Down Under, the jolly good weather of spring upon us, the blossoming wisteria sending it's heady scent across the warming air and the lifting of winter skirts to a more alluring line above the knee for the girls; well, it would be  silly of us not to start thinking about how we might attract the attention of the fairer sex like new butterflies flapping radiant wings.

Firstly, consider wearing a bow tie. When every other man is out there with an open collar flapping over the top of his lapel or looking cheesy with his shirt buttons open - you will be wearing a bright piece of silk tied like a butterfly, reminding her of spring, of procreation, of green grass and the bright colours of nature. Wear a bow tie. Seriously.  And if you still don't know how to tie one, we have the ultimate guide here

What Are We Up To?

Here at Le Noeud Papillon we are working on a number of projects which we will list below, but you will not doubt be seeing them in the coming weeks:

1. Upgrading the website - this is to include our new lines of product and to allow you to order your shirts online using your own measurements, allowing for category discounts and coupon codes and a visually appealing navigation system more in line with the way we use touch screens.
2. New lines of products: We will be revealing our latest designs for pocket squares, neck ties, bow ties, backgammon boards, poker chip sets, socks and grenadine woven silk ties.
3. New silk designs will slowly be released, stay tuned, they will be staggered in slowly as they begin to come off the looms.
4. We will be offering Matthew Cookson slippers online in a variety of limited edition designs and made to order.
5. You can see some of the new silks we have coming by clicking here
6. We also want you to know about our smoking jackets, and what to look for if you are interested in owning your own, click here

What Are We Watching?

  • We can't get enough of Don Rickles insulting Ronald Reagan on his bow ties - have a watch here
  • And Don Rickles giving it to Frank Sinatra on the Johnny Carson show
  • For those of you who have not seen it, there is a marvellous documentary by BBC4, albeit a little quirky and bizarrely edited, on the tailoring houses of Savile Row. It really is a recommend and worthy of your attention. Click here
  • For those of you unfamiliar with Geoffrey Parker, read about their widely respected games business here: 
What Do We Recommend?

For certain we recommend the shoes of Ivan Crivellaro. We have no doubt mentioned Ivan before, but it is worth having a look a look at his latest unique patina shoes here.

Looks That Inspire Us

We are on the cusp of the twilight of the Gatsby renaissance. We should enjoy it whilst it lasts. It is not almost 100 years since the era began and yet still it captivates enough to warrant movies like 'Midnight In Paris' and festivals such as the vintage Governors Island party in New York. Below is one particular look that I find inspiring.

Governors Island Vintage Party

Lucky Dip Bow Ties Are Back
Lucky Dip Bow Ties Are Back - A Chance To Get Up To 50% Off End Of Line Stock*
*It is at our discretion which bows are sent

Paisley Silk Dressing Gown Made To Order
Our silk dressing gowns are made to order from Milan, delivered to your door in 6 weeks. All you need to do is send us your measurements.

Ivan Crivellaro Shoes
Ivan Crivellaro Shoes - Just Stunning

When I am bereft of creativity, I log onto Ivan Crivellaro's Facebook page to see what he is up to and I find myself inspired again.
Simon Crompton Of Permanent Style
Simon Crompton's Interview With His Grandfather On His Blog 'Permanent Style'

It is very nice when you get original content and that often comes with personal experiences. Simon Crompton's interview with his grandfather gives us one of the most insightful looks into the gradual changes in dress between the pre-WWII period and today. I absolutely recommend this piece which documents the changes not only in word but in pictures. One of the things I found most interesting was that back in the day, brown shoes were only reserved for the weekend. You can log onto Permanent Style here

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