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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Problem With Photographing Velvet Bow Ties....

.....Is that it never shows the true lustre of the velvet - something gets lost in translation. Here are my velvet bow ties, we use Holland & Sherry velvet - which is a lush, thick heavy pile velvet - but no matter how I photograph them they never reveal their true beauty. I would say that luxury velvet bow ties are 'camera shy', but no less beautiful than their silk brothers and sisters. They are as follows top to bottom:
  1. 'Dallas' : Velvet ribbon (not Holland and Sherry)
  2. 'Larissa': Black Holland and Sherry Velvet with navy piping.
  3. 'Mayfair': A wider 70's style bow. Black Holland and Sherry Velvet
  4. 'Roger M': An 80's style bow. Black Holland and Sherry Velvet
  5. 'Dicky' - pre-formed to look like a tie your own bow tie. Black Holland And Sherry Velvet. 
  6. 'Wilde' - Tie your own bow tie, half mogador satin silk, half black Holland & Sherry velvet. 
  7. 'Ernest ' - Limited edition midnight blue velvet with contrasting black satin silk. Tie your own. 
  8. Limited edition half black Holland & Sherry velvet, half orange satin silk. Tie your own. 
NB: Because of the weight of the pile, our velvet bows are pre-formed, which is unfortunate, but I have yet to find a technique to make a TYO bow tie using this kind of velvet.



  1. Would it be possible to make a reversible bow tie with the velvet on one side? Granted, reversible bow ties are not the purist's first preference, but then neither are pre-tied bow ties.

    I have a very nice bow tie that is black velvet on one side and black silk on the other and it works quite well. Doing something like that might reduce the overall weight of the tie and allow for a TYO version.

    - Generally uninitiated

  2. I will experiment this week based on your suggestion. I think you might be onto something. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. If it is successful, I shall name if after you.... Anonymous