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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Best Of F Scott Fitzgerald


This is a book worthy of a movie remake. In my opinion Gatsby is driven by characters whereas Tender Is The Night is driven by characters and plot. A moving, flowing beast that traverses continents and is very personal to Fitzgerald. This is often the case with a writer's best work - Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina' and 'War and Peace' were both personal, as was Hemingway's 'Fiesta'.

Excerpt from 'Tender Is The Night' by F Scott Fitzgerald
Chapter 18

Although the Divers were honestly apathetic to organised fashion, they were nevertheless too acute to abandon contemperaneous rythm and beat - Dick's parties were all concerned with excitement and a chance breath of fresh night air was the more precious for being experienced in the intervals of excitement.

The party that night moved with the speed of slapstick comedy. They were twelve, they were sixteen, they were quartets in separate motors bound on a quick odyssey over Paris.  Everything had been forseen. People joined them as if by magic, accompanied them as specialists, almost guides, through a phase of the evening, dropped out and were succeeded by other people, so that it appeared as if the freshness of each one had been husbanded for them all day. Rosemary appreciated how different it was from any party in Hollywood, no matter how splendid in scale. There was, among many diversions, the car of the Shah of Persia. Where Dick had commandeered this behicle, what bribery was employed, these were facts of irrelevance. Rosemary accepted it as a new facet of the fabulous, which for two years had filled her life. The car had been built on a special chassis in America. It's wheels were of silver, so was the radiator.....

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