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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bryan Ferry Interview By Andy Morris Of British GQ

Well worth a read, click below to go see British GQ's article.

Here is an excerpt:

....Surrounded by Warhols, well-thumbed books of romantic poetry and midnight-blue fabric swatches for his next suit, sits Bryan Ferry. Having been the byword for suave frontmen since Roxy Music first strutted on stage in 1972, it's unsurprising we want to talk to Ferry about his taste for tailoring. ...........

Below are some of Ferry's observations:
Anderson & Sheppard seem to have got it right with me. I love the tradition of tailoring and think it is something to support. It's like going to bookshops rather than buying something on an iPad.
The great thing about black tie is that it is just a uniform. You just get one that fits. I don't have any tricks - it's very straightforward. I do sometimes wear a belt with black tie, which is sacrilege to most people as it's better if you have braces. I have worn cummerbunds on occasion but they're really out of fashion now. I don't wear studs much - that's my revolutionary approach.
What I do like is a small bow tie. One of the curses of men's clothing is as soon as you find something you like, they stop making it. They always say something like, "Oh, we can't get that kind of grosgrain any more" or, "Oh, we've always made them this big and clown-sized". If you can afford to get two or more bow ties, I'd urge you to do it.
The bespoke process drives me mad. Because when people get it wrong, it's a drag. I love slipping into something ready-to-wear which fits. I don't have much time for fittings now. [Pause, smiles and adopts mocking voice] "He said rather grandly."
La Regle Du Jeu by Renoir is a stylish film. It's about a country house party and a shooting weekend - the clothes are fantastic. Everyone is dressing up for dinner and running around excited. There are intrigues going on. I like older movies - things in black and white always look more graphic and detached from reality in a way. Unless you go into real colour, like The Red Shoes, which is deliberately hyper-real and intense.
I like fabrics and tactility; going into tailors and having shirts made. The two I endorse are Sean O'Flynn on London's Sackville Street and Charvet in Paris is great. It's not cheap but I would rather have one great shirt than 12 that aren't so great. You feel you're supporting an empire that shouldn't crumble. I met the very lovely French woman who owns it once - I was with Issy Blow who had me roped in as an art director for a shoot in the Paris Ritz opposite. I needed some clothes so Issy swept in and got me this and that - including a dressing gown.
Manolo Blahnick pulls off a bow tie very well. I think a lot of us are very cowardly about not wearing bow ties during the day. The great journalist Robin Day always wore a bow tie and I thought he was very cool.

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