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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Cake Has Not Baked Just Yet

One of the more recent products we have been working on has been stalled a number of times as we've headed towards production. In the end I keep the prototypes for myself but doing this too often will start to eat into your bottom line. We are on the hunt to make the finest pair of braces this side of the equator. Our mission has sent us all across the globe looking for people to help us make the transition as well as across what is left of the Sydney studios which do small leather goods manufacturing. In the end we have decided not to continue with leather ends on the braces. Instead we are re-designing them to include silk because this will give us a point of difference away from the English brands that pride themselves on contrasting leathers in pig suede and calf skin.

We are now, hopefully, a day or two away from making the final braces prototype in ALL WOVEN SILK JACQUARD so that the only thing not silk on the braces will be our O ring joining the silk to the ends and the metal adjusters which slide up and down the braces. The only other item which will be on the intersection of the front to rear braces will be a piece of exotic skin. In the example below we have used parrot fish in purple. On others we have used kangaroo leathers, Australian salt water crocodile, ostrich and stingray. We feel this adds a little spunk to our braces that goes beyond our competitors and since we don't intend to make these by volume, we look forward to working with customers so that they can have a choose-your-own-adventure.

If you are interested in being a guinea pig as we produce our first run, contact us on 

Prototype  example of Le Noeud Papillon's All Silk Braces using our limited edition 'Kirk' silk

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