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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Style Trends - A Quick Oscars Menswear Round Up

1. Jared Leto - using a cream shawl lapel jacket offset by a red satin silk bow tie, Leto won over the crowd and critics... Yes you can wear a cream jacket as it's technically spring in the USA and warming up but I would be inclined to say that I think it would look good even in winter. We could call it 'Siberian Evening Wear' as those famed Russian soldiers of Stalin's wore all white in winter warfare. So how about it?

2. Pharell - a style icon and fashion forward. His Vuitton silk smoking jacket made me think he was going to go peacock for the Oscars so I was very disappointed to see this ensemble but he did the right thing by his wife by contrasting her. Perhaps his wife picked out his outfit to make sure she looked her best. One day we will find out but in the meantime we will just have to guess what happened here.

3. Brad Pit was the only one with a really stylish and generous shawl lapel. I liked the way he came together but there is something awkward about his gait or stance and potentially his break of trouser line which stops this from being a truly wonderful tuxedo.

4. This is a great look slightly spoiled. The break in his pants is incorrectly tailored and there is pooling at the base of the trousers. I attribute this to stylists. If a man loves his clothes he should do the leg work himself. As for the waist coat, it looked terrible under the cream jacket. He should have gone for a cummerbund as these cream jackets are worn in the tropics where a sash of silk is preferred over a heavy and hot waist coat.

All in all, what a great Oscars. The men seemed to be much more respectful of the rules before breaking them and there was a great deal of bow ties rather than seeing the same old Hollywood types trying to don a black tie instead of a bow. Now if they could all just learn to tie their own bow ties next year!!!

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