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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Own Your Love In 2015 - My New Year's Resolution

I was at an event the other night where a speech was made that was so earnest that it welled my eyes and it briefly cut through so much junk that people ordinarily carry with them, especially families and extended families.

In the speech this person genuinely thanked each and every person in his life and went on to say how fortunate he felt by all that he had been given and how generous people had been to him in his life. There were some in the crowd that had been sniggering all evening and whilst on the surface they appeared to be amiable, in actual fact they were continually having a dig with a small comment here or a derisive laugh there. It was the continuity of a theme that had dogged them for most of their lives - a feeling of superiority which was founded in insecurity.

That feeling reminded me of two things. One, how I would like to live my life. Two, a scene from the movie 'Adaptation' and subsequently my New Year's Resolution.

My New Year's Resolution is this - own your love. Whatever it is you love, it is your love and you can give it wherever you like to whomever you like. You can love abundantly and freely and some things may not love you back in the same way, some things may not even asked to be loved. But love regardless, because it's your love, and you can do with it as you please. 

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