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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Becker & Minty Now Stocking Moth of Sydney Pop-Overs

For some time now Le Noeud Papillon has had a relationship with Becker & Minty with respect to bow ties and pocket squares as well as made to order velvet slippers. That relationship has now evolved as Becker & Minty sells more menswear and we move into a new space with Moth Of Sydney. 

We have been blogger blagging about these pop-overs for over 18 months now and it has been an extraordinarily long process as we defined and re-defined the product but thankfully now we have finished our first production and after we showed Jason Minty (founder and co-owner of Becker Minty) the product he did not hesitate in taking it on. We received a lovely email on Monday from Jason saying that he'd sold half the stock over the weekend and would be ready to place another order shortly. This was music to our ears. When I say 'our' I refer to the co-founder of Moth Of Sydney, Mr. Raja Farah.

So, whilst we wait to finish our website with a photo shoot and to commence the website formally, you are welcome to shop the first drop through Becker Minty in Sydney's Potts Point. They are located here and can be contacted here. Anything that is not in store can be ordered in the following day.

As many of you that read this blog will know, our Moth Of Sydney Pop-Overs (copyright Moth of Sydney 2014) are a fusion between traditional shirt making and ribbed collared t-shirts or 'polos'. The design is made to ensure that the structure of the garment remains with you all day long and it allows you to wear a jacket without the collar splaying with a lower button point so that when a sports jacket is closed there is an appearance of a shirt rather than a t-shirt. Thus a person can move seamlessly between many environments (restaurants, beach, harbour, golf course, club house, bar, nightclub, office or home) without the need to change from one attire to another. They are designed by Sydneysiders for the dynamic nature of Sydney as a city where you can find yourself in many different social settings in one day. Our initial collection will focus on the summer months in front of us and by April we will reveal our winter range which are designed to be worn in conjunction with cardigans, sweaters, suits and sports jackets. Our focus has been on using the highest quality Italian jersey cottons and fusing them with the highest grade Italian shirting cottons and keeping production in Sydney, Australia to ensure that the product is authentic, made local and something for Australians, especially Sydneysiders, to be proud of.

We encourage you to shop them through Becker Minty whilst we put the final touches on our website where you will see the full depth of our first collection.
Moth Of Sydney Pop-Overs now available through Becker Minty in Sydney's Potts Point

Emerald green jersey with panacotta shirting contrasts

Striped jersey with white oxford constrasts 

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