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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Die Welt On Bow Ties And A Lovely Bit On Us - Thank You.

In a recent article titled the Black Tie Optional & Cocktail Attire Dilemma, writer Jonathan Alexander Edwards wrote some lovely stuff on us and we are very grateful for the recognition. Here is an excerpt:

" Australian bow ties

I asked a friend, a young Savile Row bespoke tailor, for advice during a suit fitting. Was I tying it incorrectly? 'No, you need to get the ones from Australia' - 'Australia?' "Yeah, they're the best for the look you want." In an age of mass market production and the race to the bottom for disposable fast fashion, it is nice to discover small scale but successful artisan companies founded by people who are genuinely passionate about their product. Cue 'Le Noeud Papillon', bow tie maker of Sydney, Australia founded by Nicholas Atgemis. Like all the best brands, it began with a deep respect and desire for tradition. Only a few short years since its founding it is now an extremely well regarded specialist maker that has featured in men's style magazines around the world. And the reason it was founded in Australia, not normally known for its high tailoring?: "I'd bought one in Paris and couldn't get one of a similar quality at home in Australia".What better reason? He'd never worn a bow tie before that fateful trip to France. Yet his bow ties now sell all over the world and of course, ironically also to customers in France.
"Go real" - no pre-tied bow
His store makes bow ties in a dizzying array of options from the best silks in Italy - although helpfully, he is there to offer advice on what style will suit which face shape. There are also instructions on how to tie a 'real' bow tie in video format. Trust me, no matter how easy the diagrams and videos make it look, it really isn't those first few times you do it yourself! But it's certainly worth it once you get it right. He does sell the pre-tied versions, although, my own advice would be to 'go real' - you'll get the kudos for doing so. For those starting out with a bow tie for an evening event (like me) or Christmas party he recommends a simple black silk in a butterfly shape. "My two recommends for a bow tie are our diamond point for a smaller man and our 'black majestic modified butterfly' for a bigger man with broader shoulders. If he is very tall and very wide, then he needs to move to our 'wide butterfly' or to have a custom cut jumbo modified butterfly."
For those more advanced in their style, he also offers a bespoke service, designed to your specification - indeed it might be something I need to take up myself if I want to get the look I am after. So let's give a bow tie a go this Christmas party season and check out Le Noued Papillon's excellent blog for even more dapper and dandy men's style discussion. "

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