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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LoveGreece - A Unique T-Shirt Concept From A Man Who Loves His Country

George G. Hatzizahariou started LoveGreece to promote everything Greek and to bring some Greek Chic back to tourism products from Greece along with provenance and quality of make and cloth.

The LoveGreece product range is made from cotton which is planted and harvested in Greece and is woven, dyed, sewn and finished between Greece and Macedonia.

Recently a sample of the product was given to me by a prominent young Greek Australian businessman who had come across the product recently in Greece. We had been discussing our own pop-over collared t-shirt business, Moth Of Sydney , when he said "you know how proud you are of Sydney, well there's a guy doing the same sort of thing but it's out of Greece but he's doing round neck t-shirts".

For most of us that have bought Greek souvenir t-shirts or one of those brocade numbers over the past 30 years you will recall that when you meander under those yellowish lights at night around the Old City in Rhodes you tend to come back to your hotel with something very, dare I say it, I may since I am Greek Australian myself - 'woggy'. And over the years I have worn these items once, maybe twice and then shelved them until they eventually made their way to a clothes bin or into the deep archives of my storage room.

LoveGreece is therefore a refreshing change to all that. It is a paradigm shift because it has an authentic DNA. The cotton is planted in the spring in Thessaly, then it is harvested in the autumn before ginning, sewing, stamping and packaging occurs between Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace. And then it is ready to be sold on the website . The marketing is also completely in tune with the brand - it is all about a love of Greece. A country many of us have soaked up sun in. A country that, even if you are not Greek Australian or Greek American, chances are you know someone who is or you've done the tourist trip at some stage.

I am here to tell you that on top of having stumbled upon the brand in conversation I have indeed worn the t-shirt too and it is not only a very suitable and comfortable cotton jersey but the colour is a lovely faded blue and the cut is perfectly fine. I am only disappointed that they don't make a XXL for ' hondros '  like me (according to my limited knowledge of Greek a hondro is a 'fat boy' ). The t-shirt also comes with an 'evil eye' or 'mati' which will ward off bad spirits in that classic Greek souvenir kind of way.

So, my advice, if you are a lover of Greek islands, Greek kebabs, Greek holidays, Greek music, Greek lamb, Greek pork condosouvli, Greek pasta, Greek feta, Greek coffee, Greek styled sex, Greek films, Greek pasta, Greek shipping magnates or Greek souvenirs - then you owe it to yourself to pick up a LoveGreece t-shirt.

Shop them here:

Made in Greece and Macedonia from cotton  planted in Thessaly. This is a 100% Greek product and something to be proud of for Greeks and people within the Greek diaspora.

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