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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Politics, Precedence Or Profile - The Artful Battle For Credits In A Magazine

I don't wish to sound ungrateful to GQ Magazine in Australia because overall I was very happy with the shoot that they did for this year's GQ Men Of The Year Awards. I really liked the photo of the Bondi Hipsters and the creative black tie look of Jordan Stenmark with a wool-silk evening jacket in purple and some mid red wool/silk  blend trousers from Ermenegildo Zegna.

However, I wish to flag a point of which I can totally understand how it happens. In the photo of Jordan Stenmark our company is credited for the bow tie which I think is highly improbably ours. At the same time, I recognise the front cover bow tie of Dave Franco to be our Yves #2 shape bow tie in mogador satin silk and the telling shot is when the tie is undone later in the shoot. The Yves #2 shape came after a Sydney customer who requested us to copy his mid 1960's YSL - it is a fairly unusual shape and one particular to our company. I could be wrong, in fact I am happy to be wrong, but I feel confident to say I know my own product.

Whilst I am not really disturbed by any of this - it does spring to mind the difficulties that I imagine a large photography shoot must have in logistically getting all the product across Sydney and into different set locations and then noting and marking what items were put on where and who gets credit for what. Just last week I had to do a stocktake on our new Moth of Sydney pop-overs and that alone got me perplexed. I can only imagine what nightmares the team at GQ must go through in order to get it right before publication.

Despite the logistical nightmare of documenting all that goes into a shoot - you also have the added dimensions of politics, precedence and how much you value a brands profile at any given time. I will raise my Chivas Regal glass of scotch to the team at GQ for managing to wade through all the bullshit.

In the meantime, enjoy the selection from what was otherwise an enjoyable read I got in a gift bag last night from the new menswear Coach store opening at Sydney's QVB .

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