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Monday, August 25, 2014

The Eccentricity Of Bill Masters Fits The "Contrarian" & "Renegade" Attributes Of The Bow Tie Wearer

Before Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson grappled the science behind sex many women went for years and sometimes a lifetime without experiencing an orgasm and many men knew very little about the clitoris or how to please their lover. That seems to be what I have taken from watching the current series of Masters Of Sex.

I write this not to get tongues wagging nor to be controversial but merely to note that this dynamic duo reshaped the way we looked at and talked about sex in the West and I am chuffed to note Masters was an avid bow tie wearer which has been held as a theme throughout the series. On scouring videos and images on the web for Bill Masters I was pleased to find that the real man was even more of a snappy dresser than his screen character played by Michael Sheen.

In fact, if you want to see someone who is considered not only as a renegade and pioneer in the field of sex but also a contrarian to the status quo in America at the time, look no further than Bill Masters. You can find visual references of Bill Masters wearing long peaked collar shirts with a disproportionate sized skinny bow tie in almost every television interview and photo that can be found on the web. The look is so idiosyncratic that he only just falls short of Winston Churchill or Walter Gropius in terms of iconic bow tie wearers.

If you have not already watched Masters Of Sex, my suggestion is to hop to it. There are few television series if any that can combine sex and science so that you never once feel grubby watching the show - because it's all in the name of science.

The real Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson circa 1960's . Masters wears consistently a skinny batwing bow tie of 4cm

Lizzy Kaplan and Martin Sheen in the current series of Masters Of Sex

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