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Friday, August 8, 2014

Thank You To A Suitable Wardrobe - For Putting Us Nearer To Sotheby's And The Late Duke Of Windsor....

When A Suitable Wardrobe first wrote about what we were doing in 2010 we were just beginning to use the new woven jacquard silks we had sourced with a new mill in Como, Italy. Those silks were taking our bow ties to a whole other level and one of the first shapes we had made in a diamond point, which we named the Mikael, which sadly over time we have taken off the current shapes advertised on the website, was the one sent in this photo to Will Boehlke of A Suitable Wardrobe. The Mikael shape is an unusual one as it takes the form of a scalloped underside with a straight edge on top but then forms a diamond point at the end of the bow. After seeing this photo again this morning I am consider running some merely to see how they now tie as opposed to our other, more traditional looking diamond point shapes that we offer.

The silk Will is wearing is no longer in stock but to my mind it ought to be, so I might considering running some more of this design. Especially when you add in the back drop of Will's penmanship which flavours the article by referencing the late Duke Of Windsor....

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Excerpt From:

"The Sotheby's auction catalog of the late Duke of Windsor's closet shows a tie rack with several vertically striped bow ties. I have been looking without success for some of them ever since, which is one of the things that attracted me to the web site of Le Noeud Papillon.

LNP, as I will call them for short, offers a couple dozen bow tie designs that are not lying around in just any neckwear emporium. The company, whose taste is as French as its Australian location is not, does what I consider its best work with fairly formal patterns in combinations of black, white, navy and silver. And though a few of its offerings are too forward for yours truly, most appear to be beautifully executed in shapes that are distinctive without being over the top. 

Shortly after establishing email contact with founder Nicholas Atgemis, the photo's diamond pointed Costa tie in navy Mogador silk with white vertical stripes was winging its way to California. The make of the sample is professional, the silk is heavy and the shape good looking as well as unique in my experience.

Pricing ranges from about $100 USD (the U.S. and Australian dollar are near parity) to as much as $275. Most models are in the $125-$155 range. 

I only have the one data point so far but based on that one experience, Le Noeud Papillon appears to be a bow tie supplier worthy of recommendation."

Will Boehlke sporting a 2010 model Mikael shape Le Noeud Papillon bow tie with a white vertical striped silk on a navy mogador warp - the Mikael shape is a scalloped underside, straight end top side diamond point we offer only as a customer order these days.

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