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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Bow Tie That Sold For $1795 Australian Dollars - A Record For Le Noeud Papillon And Possibly The World's Most Expensive Bow Tie

I have a great deal to be grateful for this week. Firstly, I am alive and healthy and I am still able to do what I enjoy doing, namely the art of self-tying bow ties. Secondly, because something I had invested in some time ago paid off. By inlaying diamonds into an 18k solid rose gold clip for a bow tie, something that would be a hidden pleasure and never seen to the general public under a turned down collar, it was really on a whim or a folly that I could expect one of our patrons to indulge.

When I started considering who might buy such a thing I cultivated an idea of an eccentric billionaire from the Ukraine, an Arab prince or bored Russian. It was none of those people but instead a loyal and long standing customer of Le Noeud Papillon who took the plunge after he fell in love with our Yuzen silk bow ties.

As I write I can cast my head over the screen to the next batch of Yuzen silks that I have just been finished today and were photographed about an hour ago. I won't tell you which ones I love, suffice to say that some of them are almost as wonderful at the three below, which were particularly piquant.

And which bow had the clips? The bow on the far left below. It was just so unusual and such a one of a kind bow tie. 

I am aware that not everyone will want to own one of these bow ties, and I am just fine with that. But for those who are able to wear a reverso, who love the vibrancy of these silks I offer just one suggestion - let the bow tie speak for itself. A solid coloured wool for a suit and a white shirt is all it needs. I've seen our patron D. Meisenburg in the USA wear it perfectly with a grey suit and white shirt, whilst I myself wore one with a pink suit and white shirt the week before. On Sunday when I went out for lunch wearing one with a cashmere jumper, I couldn't help but feel I have crowded out the bow tie with the arglye weave of the sweater. I won't do it again.

Stay tuned. More will be on the website shortly. 

The far left bow was the one chosen for the 18k solid rose gold hardware and sold to a patron in Texas. 

The solid 18k rose gold with diamond inlay hardware bow tie which sold for $1795 this week of which we donated $400 to Barnardos charity which raises money for kids stuck in abusive homes. 

Our regular 18k rose gold plated hardware on a yuzen silk bow tie

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