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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Where To Find The Right Wedding Bow Tie: For Some Customers Who Are Happy To Pay - It's A Journey In Finding The Right Bow Tie

Some of our customers are particularly fussy but for a good reason. When one is finally tying the knot after many years spent in search of the right partner, you don't want to look like everyone else on your big day. We often find that the groom will want the same bow tie for all his groomsmen but he needs to set himself apart from them. This particular New York client I know very well, more a friend than a client but I'm quite sure he wants his name left out of it. I received a phone call last week suggesting that it was time to start thinking about his neckwear for his wedding. He was very undecided between reds and blacks and satins versus twills silks. He was wearing a double breasted peaked lapel jacket with a satin facing so he didn't want to clash with his suit but he wanted some contrast or something to brighten up his ensemble. Below you will see the first iteration; a black satin silk mogador bow tie with contrasting side of red silk twill. It's not the first bow tie we have made with contrasts but it is the first time we've mixed a twill with a satin silk. Grooms like this man are not unusual. Last week we had to work with a 24 deadline after one groom needed a midnight blue mogador satin silk bow tie and matching cummerbund post haste. At Christmas we made a tartan bow tie out of a scarf wool which was brought in by one groom who was bent on bringing some of his Scottish heritage to his wedding. In fact, rather amusingly, when he had trouble tying the bow we met in the reception of a hospital so I could re-tie it the day before his wedding.

Finding the right bow tie for your wedding day is important, especially if you want to set yourself apart from your groomsmen. If you require such a service, please contact us through the website.

A groom's custom made bow tie from Le Noeud Papillon. Prices start from $195 AUD (176USD 25.2.2014)

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