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Friday, February 28, 2014

Meet Our 1 Million Readers!

For six years I have been writing a blog which has in the process developed into it's own identity. It is a place where we share what we do and what others do. By 'we' I mean myself and those that we work with. The stories we create are not for sale. That is, we do not write cash for comment. Our interviews serve to educate our readers or to give details on how products are made and how ideas develop.

The world of statistics and website analytics is still fairly murky but we can tell you that we have almost reached 1 million page views which is a great deal of readers for a niche blog that's raison d'etre is 'Anything To Do With Bow Ties'. Those one million page views have come from people searching artists, artisans, silks, fabric weaving, fabrication techniques, leather goods, luxury board games makers, pens, writing, textile artists, patina artists, quilting,  costume designers, shoes, socks, suits, wools, bow ties, ties, cravattes, pocket squares and much much more. Anything we have covered for our readers is what draws people back to the blog.

The reason we tell you this is because we are looking to interview and hear from interesting people from around the world who are making something unique related to menswear and men's fashion. Our aim is to shine a light on things that previously may not have been seen before. Are you making something for the first time? Are you weaving your own cloth? Do you paint on textiles? Have you designed something people may not have seen before? Do you have a skill that very few have?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps it's time to contact us. We enjoy collaborating with people like you, we enjoy writing about people like you and we don't ask for freebies.

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