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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Season Shoes From Pierre Corthay - It Sounds So Much Better In French

I received an email from Francois Pourcher of Corthay last week but I have neglected to post up the images until now. Following on from my email to our email subscribers yesterday  I would like to reiterate once again that everything sounds better in French. Yesterday I talked about the fact that the English call a floral arrangement a 'boutonnière ' which in French merely means a 'button hole'. But of course, doesn't the word button-hole just sound a whole lot less appealing than it's French counterpart 'boutonnière '.

Following in that vein I opened up Corthay's collection PDF to meander through the images and work out what I thought were the picks of the bunch. As I turned the wheel of my mouse I was flabbergasted by how appealing the names and descriptions of the shoes were. There was 'Bucy' 'Bernay' 'Bel Air' and 'Sergio' (the last one I gather is not entirely French) and even the descriptions of the treatments sounded so much more glamorous. For example, one shoe was labelled 'Calf with Vieux Bois Patina' . Now, the English equivalent would be 'Old Wood Finish'. I just don't think English is quite as beautiful at describing things as French is. Anecdotally I will add that often when I ring my shirt maker, who speaks French because of his Lebanese heritage, he will often, as I describe what I see on blogs, break out into a French accent in a form of respect and at the same time a small amount of envious mockery. 'Monsieur, your chemises are ready to go' he might say and put down the phone.

You have to hand it to the French, they certainly know how to shroud their products in mystery by the mere use of words to describe their products. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful work of Pierre Corthay below. My picks of the bunch are the hybrid jodphur / chelsea boots which I think are some of the most beautiful boots I have seen this year. 

A touch of Pierre Corthay - lime green leather piping contrast with purple interior leather on these stunning chelseas.

Pierre Corthay hybrid jodphur / chelsea boots with 'vieux bois' patina in brown.

For more information:


1 rue Volney 75002 Paris

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