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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stefano Ricci - Just Plain Polished In My Book

In the world of luxury menswear and goods there is a brand which is synonymous with quality and a dedication to craft but which you will very rarely hear people talk about in the same vein as an 'it' brand like Tom Ford or even for that matter a heritage Savile Row tailor like Henry Poole & Co. The brand I am referring to is Stefano Ricci. His stores exist around the world and he has an extraordinary reputation for quality and product but he is also a person that doesn't seem to need or want big press. In the Como region of Italy I met a man who knew vaguely of him. He said to me 'Stefano Ricci is the kind of man who walks into a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles and knows every celebrity in the room on a first name basis'. And yet Stefano Ricci himself does not seem to bother with being front and centre like some other menswear designers. When I first googled Stefano Ricci I was so surprised by what he looked like. He was the antithesis of what I had anticipated. I expected something of the Italian showman style like Roberto Cavalli. Instead I found a man who looked more like Stanley Kubrick with a face full of deep character and wit.

In a world where every style icon is for the most part either slim or buffed with an excellent crop of hair and a perfectly put together tuxedo ensemble for the red carpet, Stefano Ricci, for myself at least, represented a genuine and tangible style icon for the man who is not slim, who does not have perfect hair and who enjoys food and wine. So, on the face of it, I have found a style icon for myself. 

I recommend you log onto his website and view his range of products, watch his videos and enjoy his craft. This is more than a fashion designer for men. This is a renaissance man who is on the one hand engrossed in his craft and on the other paying homage to all those that came before him. I take my hat off to Stefano Ricci for creating a unique world in which everything he touches holds his DNA. Regardless if it is not all to your taste, there is a respect you can't deny to someone who ensures that everything he sells is of impeccable quality. A man who has clearly spent his life bringing art and menswear closer together.

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Stefano Ricci Tribute to Galleria degli Uffizi from Stefano Ricci on Vimeo.


STEFANO RICCI Luxury Ties - 100% Made in Italy from Stefano Ricci on Vimeo.

Stefano Ricci - One Family Story from NEW SOLID di Valentino Mario Con on Vimeo.

Italian menswear designer Stefano Ricci - reminds me somewhat of an older Stanley Kubrick

Stefano Ricci's homage to the self-portraits of the Uffizi in Florence - recreating menswear fashion to meet old classics

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