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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Gentleman's Gazette - You Can Spend A Full Day Here

Every now and then I stumble upon a blog which truly is authentic and original. Such was the case on the weekend when I logged onto Gentleman's Gazette. I had never heard of it, never been sent a link to it and it was just a chance other article I was reading that lead me to it. Although the front homepage did not startle and jump at me, I was impressed with the content and every article was bolstered by strong writing on any given product or theme. Gentleman's Gazette covers a huge amount of information for the sartorially inclined man and does not limit itself to clothes and accessories, venturing further and further into the realm of man and including perfume, cocktails, shaving techniques, factory and production profiles, manufacturing techniques of shoes, tanneries, sartorial profiles, cigars, socks and dressing gowns.

The trouble with Gentleman's Gazette is not the layout it turns out, it is wading through the in depth articles that are written with page after page of information you don't wish to skim over but you don't wish to continue reading for fear you are missing out on the next article. So, anyway, eventually I had to make contact with the author, Sven Raphael Schneider and as it turns out, we both knew and had been photographed by Rose Callahan of the Dandy Portraits. Raphael struck me as an incredibly well versed no nonsense kind of guy and as such I am certain to be reading more of his content. The only thing I would note is that with the kind of volume of information being offered, you sometimes run into spelling and punctuation errors from time to time. The other thing to note, which is enjoyable reading but akin to watching gladiators fight to the death, is Schneiders product reviews. My recommends though, for quality reading are:

1. Men's Swimming Wear Guide
2. Shirt Reviews
3. The Summer Pitti Florence Round Up
4. The Italian Elite & Clothing
5. Ralph Lauren Uniforms Made In China
6. A Review Of Sette Neckwear
7. The Great Gatsby Movie Review
8. James Bond Tuxedo Guide

A painting referenced by Schneider for his Men's Swimming Wear Guide - Source: The Gentleman's Gazette

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