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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Being Italian Must Be A Very Interesting Thing Indeed

In an interview I did with Parisian blogger Hugo Jacomet, he made a wonderful remark about Italians which resonated with me greatly. It was:

"In Italy, it's the exact contrary. Italians have an obsessional need to show up, to express their personality with clothes, to break as much rules as possible and mainly to attract attention as much as they can. I've seen in this country absolute wonders but also absolute vulgarity. But what I like the most with Italians, is that they are not afraid of making all the experiments possible to "shine" in public."

This is almost exactly as I have experienced so far in my workings with Italians. On the one hand they will show you the most sublime piece of fabric which has an aristocratic air about it, of lofty ideals, geometrics, and mathematics splashed with creativity and ingenuity and brought together by dedication and the pursuit of perfection. Then in the next hand they will place a seasonal bunch of cloth which makes your eyes start to see double. Hugo had it figured correctly. They are a strange dichotomy of the absolute best and the absolute worst. Tonight I went through some of the collections of Angelo Galasso and I was overcome by the same feeling. On the one hand Galasso created amazing outfits which you would love to own and you would consider timeless pieces which would most likely become heirlooms, on the other hand, you think "what the hell was he thinking". I do love Italians, I love everything about them, but you do have to sometimes wonder what kind of a country it must be like to live in with such extreme forces at play.



 For me, the top row is YAY, the bottom line is NAY. Your thoughts?

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