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Friday, June 7, 2013

Le Noeud Papillon Featured On Ideas Hoist

Read Our Interview On Ideas Hoist here:


Nicholas Atgemis was born and raised in Sydney. Ever since he was a kid he was aware of clothes. His mother would always buy him and his elder brother the same clothes except that his brother’s would be blue, and his would be red.

"I couldn’t stand that she controlled what colour I was, and I yearned for the day when I could choose my own clothes. Eventually, I have arrived at a point of my own self-expression, 25 years later, where I now like red… Go figure."
Nicholas completed an Agricultural Economics degree and after spending some time drenching sheep with thistle ridden wool fleeces he decided to try his hand at something else. He went travelling, came home and started managing the Sydney Comedy Store, decided he didn’t want to be a comedian and started selling compost bins then moved into flooring, website design, started and sold a nightclub and then finally moved onto the obvious next thing… bow ties.

Le Noeud Papillon is a boutique website designed to fill a niche market for luxury bow ties, neck ties and other men’s accessories. They pride themselves on working directly with Italian silk and cotton looms to create unique designs. Specifically they are recognised for their tie-your-own bow ties.

Tell us a little bit about your idea and what made you decide to take the plunge and make it happen? 

I was living in Paris in 2007. Whilst there I used to frequent the store named Charvet. It was and still is a revered institution for men. JFK got his shirts there, Evelyn Waugh mentions it in Brideshead Revisited…. It was here that I bought my first single piece bow tie and learnt to tie it at home in the mirror, numbing my arms and sweating like a gorilla until I got it right. From that moment onwards I decided to embark on a foray into manufacturing a bow tie in Sydney that could match the quality.

Five years later I still revere Charvet but I have developed a very unique bow tie business which operates mostly online and is centred around delivering woven jacquard silks we designed to men across the globe.

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