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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Dark Day For Australian Politics....

Australian's Had A Big Day Yesterday

Last night the office of Prime Minister in Australia was treated like a part-time casual employment job as Kevin Rudd with a group of clandestine men ceased control once again (though last time he was at least elected by the people) of the Labor party through a caucus ballot to topple the leadership of Julia Gillard. No doubt it was seen as a comeuppance on the part of Kevin Rudd who was deposed as leader by Julia Gillard three years and three days ago in the exact same manner. The events of yesterday appear to be a Pyrrhic victory for Rudd as it has once again destabilized the government so close to an election date.

Julia Gillard spoke very eloquently and directly to the cameras in the same stoic manner with which she conducted herself as Prime Minister. She had poise and grace under fire as the mounting pressure of opinion polls continued to dog her leadership. Her farewell, now her legacy, will continue to enshrine her not only as a great woman, but as a great political tactician who laid down the gauntlet but unfortunately the tide had turned within her own ranks. What is very sad about this bloodshed in the Australian left is that the people had very little say in the bloodbath except for the data they provided in the polls.

Now we are forced to endure a Rudd government, with Rudd being akin to Napoleon returning to France for his hundred days. Whilst I don't necessarily like Tony Abbott's vision for Australia, I would have to say that there will certainly be no Labor vote from this small business owner. In fact, I do not look forward to the next three months of Australian politics at all.

I would actually prefer to see myself as Prime Minister. I would declare the bow tie a part of national costume and wear one to parliament each day. At question time I would get very nasty if the opposition attacked my daily ensemble. When I was forced to cry I would do so into a bright silky pocket square and I would rule that bright pastels were to be worn for the summer dress code of parliament. If you think I might be a better Prime Minister than the rest of these sad sacks, please do leave a comment below!

Kevin Rudd returns for his 100 days a la Napoleon 1 OR in more recent times he is appearing more like a GOT character......

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