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Monday, September 28, 2015

If The Protein Make Up Of Silk Is Closely Related To Skin Then Why Aren't We Using It More In Eye Shades

The protein make up of silk is very closely related to human skin. In scientific studies silk seracin , one of the two main proteins found in silk, the other being fibroin, have been used to aid the man made building of human tissue fibroplasts, the stuff that is used to rejuvenate skin. In fact, humans have been using silk as a way of nurturing and protecting their skin and hair for over 3500 years.

Because man made fibres are cheaper and easier to produce than silk, we often find that when board a plane we are presented with poxy polymer based eye shades for the flight which end up irritating you more than they give you comfort.

On a recent flight home from Hong Kong I had such an experience and I decided it was better to go without eye shades and use something else to cover my face. I am a very very prejudiced towards natural fibres.

On returning to Sydney I began to knock out something a little more comfortable for those long flights that Australians know too well and which yanks and poms scoff at when they hear your Antipodean itineraries.... "19 hours, are you kidding me? 24 to Moscow? Why I never...".

So, I present to you below the silk eye shades we've come up with. They are finished with a more vibrant silk jacquard on the exterior, the interior is a softer and sheer silk jacquard and the elastic is enveloped in silk to ensure that you are comfortable all the way around. Of course, we recommend you snip the label off and it's been hand-stitched only in two points so it's not exactly difficult to remove. Finally, to add comfort for the eyes, the sponge centre is made up of a type of wool felt we source from South Australia. So, it's all natural (save the elastic inside the strap) and it's all comfortable. And, you will look dapper even when you are snoring and the saliva is dribbling onto your neighbours arm. That's if you still go cattle class like myself.

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