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Friday, August 16, 2013

Testimonials And Perhaps A Product Review For Le Noeud Papillon Bow Ties.....


Dear LNP,

Just a quick thank you for putting on a truly inspired sale.
I have to confess that I never really imagined myself to be much of a bow tie aficionado.
However, Le Noeud Papillon has changed all that..forever. My collection has now almost tripled thanks to my frenzied buying spree at the LNP Dutch auction.
I absolutely love the bespoke quality of LNP bow ties and equally impressed with the behind the scenes customer service! Got to love those Newsletters as well.
I look forward to seeing the new silks and designs on your website soon.
Have a good rest.

Thank you,
Best regards,

Christopher K
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Le Noeud Papillon!

Some months ago I wrote to you that I fell in love in your little beauties. (I must add that it was love from the first sight!). That time I was thinking: "I'd like to have one or two of them" That was first bow ties in my life. "Let me try". And I tried. And I loved myself as a bow tie man. Now I have more then dozen of them and I'm looking forward for your new silks. Now it is not just love it is almost an addiction... Addiction for the beauty. Exclusive beauty!

Thank you LNP!

Dimitri L,

Dear LNP,

Thanks for hosting such an exciting event. The Dutch Auction Sale was a first for me. You definitely grabbed my attention at 40% off. After that I was hooked ! Thanks to you, I got a lot of Christmas shopping this week ! I am looking forward to receiving my new bows and lamenting the ones that got away. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next !!!

Best Regards, 
Rhett S.
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Hello Le Noeud Papillon

I trust this note finds you well (and perhaps a little rested following your recent busy schedule?)

Can I resist everything except temptation? Absolutely not! I have placed four orders with you over the past few weeks making full use of your recent (and really special) Dutch Auction. During this time I have received three of the most beautifully crafted bow ties in the most wondrous silks that one can imagine. I really cannot wait to receive the further three bow ties I have ordered; which will only be bettered (I believe) by the receipt of an utterly divine silk/cashmere scarf in red and navy along with a selection of your excellent handkerchiefs from order number four. I truly cannot wait.

As a lover of the finer things in life, I would like to thank you for everything thus far and I look forward to the your new season's offerings. I am in no doubt that I will be contacting you very soon with an order of five or more.

Kind regards

Anthony R,
Norfolk, United Kingdom

Thanks so much, LNP!

I just came home from work and found your delivery on my doorstep! I really can't get over how amazing your products and customer service are!
I've been a bowtie devotee for a while now. I'm 24 and there hasn't been a day in the last 3 years I've not worn a bow.
I discovered you by accident a little under 6 months ago. I'm now the proud owner of 9 of your bowties.
I've not bought a bow from anyone else since. And to be honest. I'm not sure if I ever will again.
I'm yet to find any other designer OR manufacturer with near the level of quality or pride in their product. Wearing one of your bows makes your whole day better. I work in customer service and am constantly complimented on how wonderful your ties are.

They make children happy, adults respect your sense of style and Doctor Who fans lose their minds!

In the end, it's all about looking good, and knowing it. And I'd just like to thank you at LNP for facilitating my style, awesomeness and eccentricity every day.

Your biggest fan,

Tom Carle
New South Wales, Australia

Subject: Best Bow Ties on the Planet

Wanted to say thank you for posting pictures (on your blog) I sent you from my vacation in Monaco.  I was a great surprise and happy to "show off" your awesome velvet Dicky bow tie.  I own several of your ties and wear them often.  I'm attending THE largest black tie events in Chicago.  Opening night Gala and Opera Ball at the Lyric Opera House. At this event  I will wear your "Clubs" limited edition silk bow tie.  Will send pics……it should be an ocean of bow ties this event.  

Thanks so much for making the best bow ties on the planet!

D Meisenburg

Dear LNP,

It has been remiss of me not to be in contact sooner.  I have had two excellent evenings of late, made all the better by being accompanied by two of your signature bows and pocket squares.  I enjoyed a terrific evening celebrating Christmas in July this year, and most recently my father in law’s 70th birthday, and on both occasions stole the show with your fine silks.

I sent you a photo some years back of me in one of your original bows in action at a wedding – if you recall, a bright beauty sporting horizontal stripes of red, gold and blue and pointed ends.  It did the trick at the 70th this past weekend, the mature crowd enjoyed every bit of it.

Many thanks, it is always fun to have something positive and distinct to talk about at a special event.

All the best,

H. Toll
Sydney, Australia


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