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Monday, September 21, 2015

A Design Which Does Belong To Moth Of Sydney And Le Noeud Papillon Jointly

Gianni Agnelli was famous for asking his shirt maker to come up with a cuff which allowed him to have his wrist watch sit over the cuff in between folds of fabric to ensure that his watch bracelet and face did not make contact with his skin as it was said to have caused him irritation. 

That cuff was replicated a few years back by Italian banker turned designer Angelo Galasso whose designs are opulent and perhaps are designed to show off the expensive time pieces worn by his rich and famous customers which include Stevie Wonder, Roger Moore, Mickey Rourke and Ray Liotta to name but a few.

The genesis of the cuff below was from a totally different angle. The story begins with my walking partner that I pound the pavement each morning with in Sydney. We walk along the Rose Bay promenade and up Heartbreak Hill and back ending with three sprints of 20 seconds in order to get our heart rate up and because the both of us had watched some English documentary on a doctor who has studied the benefits of exercise spikes on weight loss. My walking partner is an accomplished mathematical nerd who hails from banking but spends his spare time flying planes. He is also technologically very  ahead of the curve, so it was no surprise when he became an early adopter of the Apple watch.

One of the first hurdles he ran into though was that in order to use the watch it had to be in contact with your skin or else it would shut down. You also had to have it face you in order for it to work. These were to my knowledge security and battery conserving features respectively. 

It got me thinking that in the winter time wouldn't it be great if you had a cuff which allowed the watch to remain fixed against the skin but also gave you ease of access to the screen so that you could easily access information via components such as the crown (which doesn't show on this sample because I am left handed) as well as the screen itself which was displaying all the pertinent information of your run time, distance travelled etc. It didn't just have ramifications for your walking and hiking enthusiasts, it would be useful also to pilots, cyclists, medical professionals and many many more. 

It is my cuff. And, I am still working on it. I do hope my competitor's don't also steal this idea too.

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A cuff designed for an Apple watch so that the wearer can keep the watch in contact with the skin for security and functional (heart beat etc) needs but also allows you to glimpse easily the content being offered by the watch for activities such as flying, racing, running and walking. 

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