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Sunday, January 11, 2015

To Sell Bow Ties To Students At Oxford Is A Milestone Of Sorts : A Testimonial From Oxford, England

When Evelyn Waugh's somewhat self-autobiographical character Charles Ryder first stumbled upon his darling Sebastian Flyte at Oxford the first thing he noted was that he was wearing a silk tie from Charvet of Paris. It is one of those literary references that can keep a brand going forever in the hearts of aesthetes and so long as people keep revisiting Brideshead (pun intended), then so too will they revisit the likes of Charvet.

In a small win for us I received a lovely email from a student at Oxford. Not the first we've had wear our bow ties but the first we've received a lovely compliment from and with permission we are posting it below along with the more 'bohemian' bow tie he chose.

Dear Le Noeud Papillon Of Sydney,

Many thanks for your prompt response. I did - as you might have seen - buy the bow tie. I will wear it as part of the formal academic dress at my university and hence a slightly “bohemian" look is much welcomed.

This isn’t the first bow tie I have bought from Le Noeud Papillon and I just thought I should let you know how pleased I am with my other ones. They look terrific and add the perfect touch to one’s black tie attire. Nowhere else have I seen the breadth of choice and level of quality when it comes to bow ties!

Best wishes,

P. Zelter, Oxford, England


Dear Mr. Zelter

At it's widest point the spade head is 6cm whereas the modified butterfly is 6.5cm. I don't recommend the Harrison unless you are specifically seeking out that shape. It is very specific and has a certain look which is slightly bohemian, slightly left of centre. It's fabulous on the right person but be advised it's not every one's cup of tea. The more classic shape on the website, the white diamond, is far more popular.


Now if Mr. Zelter could happen to write a seminal novel for the 21st Century I might just be able to have our bow tie company revered in the same manner as our dear friends in Paris.

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