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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Testimonial You Live For - A Product Review Of Our Smoking Jackets, Silk Robes, Bow Ties And Pocket Squares

Dear Le Noeud Papillon:

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I was with my new smoking jacket, bow tie and pocket square.  They are beyond my wildest expectations.  The quality of the quilted silk in the first to arrive jacket is amazing.  It is as light as a feather, feels like it weighs virtually nothing yet looks like a trillion dollars.  The tailoring was incredible and  it fits better than anything I have ever had made and is even more comfortable to wear.
I want to also thank you for your patience and attention in the ordering process.  I have never worked with a made-to-order company that delivers this type of top-quality and professional service.  

As you know, this led to my purchase of three additional smoking jackets, your cashmere, your Sidney and your black silk.  Each one is amazing in different ways. I am looking forward to buying more items from your diverse choices as your judgment in selecting and making the items you offer is unparalleled. 

In all seriousness, prior to meeting you by way of the Internet, I researched the world for the best products of the type that you provide.  In my opinion,you are the best, among any, including any so-called top shelf chains and brands.  Having come to know you a bit in our dealings, it is easy to understand why - you are a world-class person of the first order.  I have unabashedly recommended you to any of my friends who are even thinking about buying any of the wonderful apparel you sell.  I am very happy you are getting the acclaim and notoriety that your company deserves, and, to any that have not experienced the quality of your products, I would urge them to not hesitate – it is truly a wonderful experience. 

Breton B, Los Angeles, USA

A jacket just arrived from our friends in Italy - made to order smoking jacket with silk satin quilted shawl in electric blue with midnight blue velvet body and traditional frogging clasps. Order online at

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