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Monday, June 30, 2014

Don't Complain, Don't Explain

One of the hardest things to do in this business is convince someone in Ontario, Canada or perhaps someone in Brooklyn in New York that despite all the other companies that are out there in the world offering various forms of bow ties, that yours are worth the wait and the trip from Sydney, Australia. The most effective way to entice these potential customers is through SALES. Sometimes it upsets my retailers that we have sales on the product but then our retailers don't wish to take the risk of some of our more unusual designs and accordingly, since the Studio is a Studio and not a retail shop, our website is the only place from which we can give these papillons a fighting chance to find a new home.

Someone once aptly said to me when I was having a whinge about how hard my life could sometimes be that I ought to "harden the f--k up" . That's a very Australian way to put it. A more refined person once said the same thing much more eloquently when they told me their life maxim was "Don't Complain, Don't Explain".

But it would not be me to deny myself both of these aspects of life. I am going to complain and I want you to listen up.

There still remains on the website some exquisite bow ties that deserve to find new homes. The SALE has now moved to 55% Off or the inverse if you like, they are now 45% of their original RRP.

We know you can't fondle our bow ties and we know you can't tie them up in front of you but rest assured that if they made it to the website then they are worthy. Worthy in the sense that the silk is woven jacquard silk from Como, Italy. Worthy in the sense that our bows are made right here in Sydney, Australia (#madeinaustralia !) and that in many instances you cannot find these bow ties, pocket squares, lapel flowers, lapel bows and cufflinks anywhere else in the world.

Not that I should be giving any of you more reasons to join in on the fun but here are some names of items that really are exquisite and some of my personal favourites:

* Marlon, Kirk, D-C, Jerry, Howard, Hudson, Grover, Valentino, Red Belle, Hayden, Churchill, Francis, Yves, Wilde, Jasper, Lapel Flower #15

In conclusion, let me complain, let me explain - because I am trying to tell you something!

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