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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Some People Refuse The Loan Of Life For The Debt Of Death

This morning I rose to go on my walk and along the way I was rather pensive because a great man had died a few days earlier, a man I always admired, a family man, a decent man, a charming man. But, like all men inevitably do, he passed away and it was still very sad none the less. As I was on the last leg of my morning walk I stumbled upon this beautiful Morton Bay Fig tree which was gleaming in the morning light. It looked the very essence of life and I had to pull out my camera. The thought came rushing to my head that life is eternal but it is made of constant births, deaths and rebirths and the old must make way for the young as the cycle keeps turning down through the ages. It's not different from nature's seasons, it just stretches out a little longer for us humans. But it also reminded me of something else, a wonderful quote from Irvin D Yalom's book 'Staring At The Sun' which says 'some people refuse the loan of life for the debt of death'. And by that I implore you to cease the day and make use of every sunrise and if you are lucky enough to find the time, watch each sunset.

And on a lighter note, and in keeping with that exciting green nature I saw this morning I received this latest silk below that we put together with our friends in the hills of Como. It's a lovely emerald green on grey warp silk and it's resting on a wonderful birthday present from my other half who was incredibly generous with me this year. Not only do these Hollywood Director's chairs bear our logo but they are made of Australian native hardwood and are made in Melbourne. Nice to know we still make some nice stuff Down Under.

Ready for a bride and groom for consultation on wedding bow ties at the Le Noeud Papillon Studio
Up close and personal with the new emerald designed silk from LNP

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