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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Suits And Boots - An Under Utilised Power House Of Mens Fashion

There is some rhetoric amongst so called civilised men that wearing boots with a suit is a faux pas. Boots, they say, should be reserved for jeans and moleskins. Bahaha! You twits! Nothing could be further from the truth. The under utilised power house of mens fashion is "suits and boots". I could not think of a more powerful image from 2013 than Berluti's wonderful use of Jeremy Irons in a pair of Berluti Saint Emilion Leonard boots coupled with a simple but most extraordinarily elegant grey 3 piece suit. Jeremy Irons, who has such a strong screen presence, in a very well tailored suit with the most exquisite looking brown patina boots, is a winning trifecta of power and, hopefully, it will squash and smote those who are disbelievers.

But not all of us can afford to get the Berluti look of Jeremy Irons so are there any options? The answer is yes. Any tailor can sort you out for a similar suit but the boots are not as easy to come by. Here are a few places that could potentially sell you the boots:

Macsamilion, Oxfordshire - A wonderful wonderful online shoe store which will really rock your world. The best of the Brits are on there plus more. A great range of chelseas to be had from Crocket & Jones, Jeffrey West, Church's and more.

Gaziano & Girling - The new kid on the block making big waves.

Gaziano and Girling was started in 2006 but they are making big waves around the world and have an enormous following. Their patina styled chelsea model is called 'Burnham' and it's finished like RM Williams boots by only having one seam at the rear of the boot.

RM Williams - The Australian iconic boot. The one to look for is the 'Craftsman' model in Whiskey or Rum.

Edward Green - The most respected name in British shoes. Although I don't like some of their bulkier models, their chelseas look the bees knees and are worth investigating. However, if you were to order them in Australia my suggestion would be to go through Double Monk in Melbourne. Click here

Jeremy Irons showing us that boots and suits are a powerful image for menswear. 

At a Berluti soiree - Jeremy Irons

The Jeremy Irons boot - The model name is Saint Emilion Leonard - the name alone draws me in....

A modern remake of the classic chelsea by Gaziano & Girling who are now on Savile Row. This model is called the Burnham and it is fnished with a light to dark patina on the toe box.

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