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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dear Wedding Market - Be Prepared

I often get late night emails or desperate afternoon phone calls from grooms and groomsmen who have left the sourcing of their bow tie and shirt to the last minute and usually by this stage, unless they want something that's in stock, we can't help them. A customer last night was intelligent enough to enquire about his September wedding now. One of the reasons that September is such a difficult month to meet expectations both locally in Australia and overseas is the month of August. All Italian workrooms, looms and pretty much every industry you can think of stops work and heads to the beach. In Paris, apparently, the boulangeries are famed for selling August bread weeks before that goes straight into the freezer because in August you can't find a fresh baguette anywhere. Then there is another anecdote about walking around Paris with a frozen breadstick in August which apparently tempts lovers but the story is old and I have forgotten how it goes. I suppose the equivalent takes place in Italy as Italians are even more excited by romance. 

So if you want to customise something for September or if you want to avoid being flustered when the hour is upon you, think about preparing yourself now rather than later because chances are nobody will be able to help you in August.

Below: Carlo Riva white poplin dinner shirt with plysse by Le Noeud Papillon - custom made in Sydney - $550.00 . Maxim half grosgrain, half satin silk bow tie by Le Noeud Papillon - the perfect accoutrement for the guy with two tuxedo lapels, tie it either way - $165.00 . Both are available through

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