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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Ultimate Travel Companion - A Vaporisateur / Travel Atomizer That Costs A Mere $20

After September 11 2001 the world became obsessed with airline security. Every man had to reconsider what he was willing to endure in order to retain personal style whilst travelling. It was a trade off between looking good and being efficient as you travelled through security checks. There is nothing effortless, for example, about having to take off your steel capped boots at a security check whereas moccasins and loafers are a breeze. So you loved that big heavy metal belt buckle but if you had braces or side tabs chances are you would slide through. And then there was the issue to do with alcohol based products. You did not stand a chance of smelling great when you got off the plane if your perfume / eau de cologne etc was packed into your suitcase.

As far as I know, the vaporisateur or travel atomizer allowance is just within the confines of what can be taken on an international flight and from experience I have never been pulled up on it. Not once. It is the smallest and yet most intelligent accoutrement for the modern man and I am astonished that more men don't use them. The benefits are not only seen when travelling, they are seen every time you leave the house. In a world where men have become increasingly aware of VPL and metrosexual tendencies such as making sure your suit pants are not clogged with a wallet the size of your fathers circa 1987, the travel atomizer is a great way to stay smelling great right until the lights are turned on a the nightclub you frequent. Or perhaps in a business environment where you are at the tail end of a long day and you don't want to be remembered as the guy with a lingering smell, boom, out comes the atomizer, two sprays and you are back in business.

This might sound borderline ridiculous for a blog post but let me tell you a few critical times that I personally use my own travel atomizer, which I usually stow in my inside jacket pocket.

1. Business meetings
2. On the aeroplane
3. In the car (don't make me explain)
4. Out to dinner
5. Out for a drink on the town
6. Overseas travel days - ie: you are on the go all day and won't be back to the hotel till evening time.
7. Gym (because even your trainer doesn't want to smell you after a workout)
8. Pool - to mask the smell of chlorine

The beauty of the travel atomizer (vaporisateur in French) being only $20 is that you can have say four of them running different perfumes at any one time. A the moment I own two, and I highly recommend the two scents I am currently wearing.

1. Herm├Ęs Cologne (Unisex) - Eau De Pampelmousse Rose - Approx $140.00
2. Creed Virgin Island Water - See Harrolds Menswear Sydney

And, although I am getting tired of always plugging A Suitable Wardrobe, it's the only reliable way to get them delivered to your door fast although there is a perfume shop in Leura (Blue Mountains, NSW) that sells them. If you sell travel atomizers in Australia online, email us on .

1. La Travel Vaporisateur By L'Artisan Parfumer

2. Penhaligons Travel Atomizer:

Two travel atomizers, 1 after 3 years of travel, the other just out of the box. Two scents I recommend, Virgin Island Water and Eau De Pampelmousse Rose

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  1. Why would anyone ever tire of plugging A Suitable Wardrobe?