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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A List Of Bow Ties That I Am Shocked Are Still On The Website

Today was the final day of the SALE and we reached 70% OFF which is usually the most frenzied day of the SALE. Customers just love to get their hands on a great deal and for me it is somewhat a bitter sweet day. Exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

The beauty of an online SALE as opposed to a retail SALE is that everything still remains composed. The website images do not suddenly slouch off a merchandising table or hang over a change room door. It is actually a rather dignified SALE. Only, if you were to step inside the Studio you might see the carnage of your patronage, plastic wrappers everywhere, seals from envelopes on the floor, bits of ribbon slouched over a sitting couch, ten cardboard boxes stacked at the door. It is very gratifying to know that I don't have any shirt customers booked for the Studio over the coming days so I can enjoy this mess on my lonesome.

Thank you thank you thank you for participating in the SALE and giving our bow ties new homes as well as our La Belle Dame squares which have outsold the bow ties for the first time.

Now, if I can just give you a few little tips because there are some magnificent items still left on the website and I can't believe they haven't been snapped up. I will list them by name:

  • Roger - 1 left
  • Domenico
  • Orange Belle
  • Wilde - a half and half black mogador satin silk with holland and sherry velvet, why did this not sell? It's just a beautiful bow tie!!!
  • Bow button #1
  • Tom - a dual sided tie
  • Maxim  - two bow ties in one - a grosgrain and a satin silk!
  • Damien - a great silk flower
  • Jacques - a grenadine in navy, top notch.
  • Fabien - a brand new bow we released today straight onto the sale
  • Séamus - a really fabulous bow with a kind of playful Carnival theme. I have no idea why nobody bought this lovely lovely bow tie in mogador satin silk. It can be a plain lilac, a plain pink or a pink with lilac twist or a lilac with a pink twist depending how you tie it. I count that as four bow ties in one....
Good luck!!! Time is ticking.... Code Word : HESTIA

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