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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It Was The Best Of Times ....

There are times when you can see no future in what you are doing, when everything you put your hand to seems futile or meaningless. This can often occur right when you think you are being successful in what you are doing. In fact, often just at the moment I start believing my own hype I know I am a day or two away from a moment of 'but what is it all for? '. It's not a bad thing to feel like this, we are, after all, stuck on a tiny planet rotating around the sun in a universe we don't know the size of nor could possibly ever fathom in a million lifetimes. We are, for want of a better word 'ignorant'. Yet somehow in this bizarre world of ours we have created systems by which we order things and in the meantime we have to get on with whatever is our chosen field of expertise. Some people are good with numbers, some people are good with manipulating systems, some people are skillful negotiators, others are orators, some are excellent with people, others are good for nothing at all and in between you have all sorts of combinations that make up people's characters.

As I have said in the past, some believe that one way to leave one dimension and go into the next is to stare into the negative spaces of fabric. As I said, it is only some that believe, but I choose to believe also. So, as you can imagine, one of the nicest parts to this job is studying and marrying up fabrics together and today our latest silk arrived into Sydney along with a bolt of wool from Holland & Sherry. I think they work so magically together, both the wool and eventually the tie and bow ties too, that it's on days like these that instead of pondering some big existential questions, you feel more inclined just to get on with what you're good at, which in my field is making bow ties.

Yet unnamed, our new rain drops silk has arrived into Sydney, Australia. To be available as bow ties next week. 

Holland And Sherry Cream With Sky Blue Twill Check - This shall make an interesting suit!

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