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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Warning To All Those Who Ought To Be Cutting Hair And Driving Taxis

There is a great quote from the comedian George F. Burns who said that 'It's too bad all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxi cabs and cutting hair” .

Lately that quote has been amusing me as there have been numerous businesses that have sprung from bloggers who build up an audience and then decide that after a few months of traffic that they ought to springboard their way into an online business selling that which they write about. It almost seems soup du jour to go from writing a blog to becoming an authority in that subject matter to then opening a store based on your new found authority.

But, unfortunately, we bloggers are not stores, we are not workrooms, we are not ateliers, we are not weaving mills, not design studios, we're not web stores and we're certainly not bricks and mortar stores. I for one will admit from the outset that there is a HUGE difference between the disciplines and one of the most challenging aspects for Le Noeud Papillon has been to get a grip on the various disciplines involved in a product from concept to designs, to fabrication and to presentation and packaging. And then there are all the numbers that go on behind the scenes to ensure everyone gets paid on time.

My suggestion to those that are late to the blogging sphere is this: know what you are good at. Just like George Burns suggests in his comment, albeit tongue in cheek, that although you might be a well-informed taxi driver or you might be soft with scissors when cutting hair, you may not have the skills needed to be the President.

It's so nice to hear a fresh opinion on menswear and to read a blogger who is not loaded up with product to sell. It's an enviable position, so why not use it to write great content rather than flooding the market with ordinary looking menswear and accessories.

Comedian George Burns Wearing An Oversized Black Satin Bow Tie At The Grammys In 1980 With Deborah Harry
Photo Source: Vintage Clothing About. Com

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